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For Heaven’s sake Poly Auction, how can you auction a low grade Fake Pan-Hu and bring great shame to China’s Art market? You are state-owned, the leading auction house and the face and pride of China? Either your team of experts or appraisers cannot spot a Fake Pot or there are organized fraudsters in your team of experts or appraisers? Haven’t you read our book “Saving Purple-Sand Clay Teapots” or heard of Ren Fu Collection’s campaign to save Old Zisha Hu? Haven’t you read the 2005 world news report about Fake Arts in China in The New York Times’s big article, “Forging an Art Market in China”, the most influential newspaper in the world and Chinese Government’s warning to auction houses about Fake Arts in the China Art market? How can you Poly auction let a cheap low grade Fake Pan-Hu get into your reputable auction and cheat people out of their hard earned money not to mention destroying Pan-Hu’s legacy? And fortunately nobody took the bait and bought the Fake Pan-Hu because now more people than before know how to spot a Fake Pot , thanks to no small measure to Ren Fu Collection’s campaign to teach and educate people about Fake Pots and organized fraudsters. Those experts or appraisers should be sacked whether they purposely or innocently put the Fake Pan-Hu in Poly auction. Look at the Pan-Hus(Ren Fu Collection has 8 excavated Pan-Hus with exact Niandes and archaeological records) in Ren Fu Collection’s book titled, “Saving Old Purple-Sand Clay Teapots” and you can see not one of the eight Pan-Hus look like the Fake Pan-Hu in Poly auction. And why does Poly auction’s Pan-Hu not look like Ren Fu Collection’s 8 excavated Pre- Daoguang Pan-Hus? The Poly auction Pan-Hu looks new and does not have the hundreds years old corrosion, erosion or wear and tear especially on the chop-mark and the forger created a wrong shape and style trying to copy the real Pan-Hu. (We are top experts in Pan-Hus and the knob, lid, spout, handle, body and base are wrong and the chop-mark is wrong and too new)

The next part is about books written to convert Fake Pots into genuine Old Pots by mixing with other people’s genuine Old Pots and of course Fake Pan-Hus are among them because Pan-Hus are loved by Taiwanese collectors and since the 1980s when Taiwanese forgers descended on Yixing, Fake Pan-Hus are the favorite Pots to make and the Taiwanese forgers and organized fraudsters targeted their own Taiwanese collectors and later in the beginning of the  21st century  targeting mainland Chinese. And as for your part to play in saving Old Zisha Hus, we ask you good, honest people to please tell everyone who do not know about Ren Fu Collection’s painstaking and heroic work to fight Fake Pots, Fake stories and organized fraudsters in order to save Old Zisha Hu and make the world look up, respect and hold in great awe China’s real Arts history and real Art treasures and not let China be despised and laugh at by the world for having the most Fake Arts like Fake Zisha Hus which are mostly due to Taiwanese organized fraudsters.




天啊!看北京保利2021年春季拍卖会,怎么能拍出一个低档的潘壶赝品,给中国的艺术品市场带来极大的耻辱?你是国有的,领先的拍卖行,中国的脸面和骄傲?您的专家或评估师团队无法发现假壶,或者您的专家或评估师团队中存在有组织的欺诈者?没看过我们的《拯救老紫砂泥茶壶》一书,没听过任富收藏“拯救老紫砂壶”的活动吗?你没有读过2005年《纽约时报》的大文章《在中国打造艺术市场》,世界上最有影响力的报纸和中国政府对拍卖行关于中国假艺术的警告,2005年世界新闻关于中国假艺术的报道吗?中国艺术市场?保利拍卖怎么能让一个便宜的低档假潘壶进入你有信誉的拍卖会,骗人的血汗钱更不用说破坏潘壶的遗产?幸运的是,没有人上钩购买假潘壶,因为现在知道如何识别假壶的人比以前多了很多,这要归功于任富收藏的宣传和教育人们有关假壶和有组织的欺诈者的活动。那些专家或估价师无论是有意还是无意地将假潘壶进行保利拍卖,都应该被解雇。看看任富收藏出版的书《拯救老紫砂泥茶壶》中的潘壶(任富收藏有8个出土的潘壶,有确切的年代和考古记录),你看不到八个潘壶中的一把看起来像保利拍卖中的假潘壶。为什么保利拍卖的看起来不像任富收藏的八把道光以前的潘壶?保利拍卖潘壶看起来很新,没有数百年的腐蚀、侵蚀或磨损,特别是在印章上,伪造者创造了错误的形状和风格,试图仿制真正的潘壶。 (我们是的顶级潘壶专家,把手、盖子、壶嘴、把手、主体和底座都错了,印记错了,太新了)。


下一部分是关于将假壶与其他人的正品老壶混在一起而写成的真品老壶的书籍,当然还有假潘壶,是其中之一,因为潘壶受到台湾收藏家的喜爱,并且自20世纪1980年代台湾伪造者下降以来在宜兴,假潘壶是最受欢迎的壶,台湾伪造者和有组织的欺诈者针对他们自己的台湾收藏家,后来在 21 世纪初针对中国大陆。至于你们在拯救老紫砂壶的过程中所扮演的角色, 我们请善良、诚实的人们告诉所有不知道仁福收藏为拯救紫砂湖、让世界为之振奋而与假壶、假故事和有组织的骗子进行斗争的艰辛和英雄工作的人,尊重并敬畏中国真正的艺术历史和真正的艺术珍品,不要让中国因为拥有像紫砂壶这样最虚假的艺术而受到世界的鄙视和嘲笑,这些艺术大多是由台湾有组织的骗子造成的。



“Conversion Books” are books about Old Zisha Hus that contain Fake Pots intentionally mixed with genuine Old Pots. The Fake Zisha Hus are purposely put into the books and by mixing with genuine Old Pots, the Fake Pots are ‘converted’ into ‘genuine Old Pots’ which is why the books are called “Conversion Books”. And the ‘converted Pots are even better, more valuable and even more genuine than the genuine Old Pots because the ‘converted Pots’ are in perfect condition and therefore fetch better prices than genuine Old Pots which are not in perfect condition. This situation gives rise to a common outcry from genuine Old Pots owners who complained that Fake Pots have become genuine Old Pots and genuine Old Pots have become Fake Pots. This phenomenon of “Conversion Books” only happens in Old Zisha Hu and nowhere else in the Arts world for example you will never find “Conversion Books” in Xia/Shang/Zhou Bronzes or “Conversion Books” in Ming or Qing ceramics or “Conversion Books” in other Works of Art in the Tang or Song Dynasty. Very few people have heard or know about “Conversion Books” but strangely everybody has complained about Fake Pots in books. Just like everybody now knows  there are Fake Pots in every auction so much so the famous Me WeiDu once summed up the people’s feelings when he lamented that in every auction in mainland China, there are Fake Pots. “Conversion Books” are books written to convert Fake Pots into “genuine Old Pots” by providing the valuable provenance a Pot needed when going into auction so that a gullible buyer will be tricked, by the provenance provided in the “Conversion Book”, into thinking the Fake Pot is genuine old. In fact this “Conversion Books” is an outdated or old fashioned method of converting Fake Pots into ‘genuine Old Pots’ because there are now too many Fake Pots made on top of the ‘old’ Fake Pots that are still revolving around gullible collectors’ hands and recycling in the marketplace that organized fraudsters are doing without the  time consuming “Conversion Books”  and putting their Fake Pots straight into the auctions with the help of auction “inside connections”. These “Conversion Books” and Fake Pots in auctions are ‘recorded proofs’ and a very vulnerable part of organized frauds and Fake Pots(forgeries) which Ren Fu Collection will use to devastating effects when in due time we will inform The New York Times, The Times and China Youth Daily newspapers( and other Art media) about the existential threat posed to Old Zisha Hus by organized frauds and the increasing forgeries and the corruption of the whole Zisha Hu eco-system. Finally two factors make “Conversion Books” not worth buying and uneducational and an exercise in futility. One is the Fake Pots with Fake stories in the book and the other is the unearthed Pots which are devoid of chronological origin and the subjects of guess works which makes study and research impossible. Only archaeologically excavated(and sea-salvaged) Pots with exact-dating or Niandes can be effectively used for study, learning or research. That is why the Singaporean scholar said after acquiring Ren Fu Collection’s book titled, “Saving Old Purple-Sand Clay Teapots” : Having Ren Fu Collection’s book, I do not have to buy the 10 to 20 books in the market”.( the scholar is tactful not to be blunt and mentioned the “Conversion Books”) and also a lot of good, honest Taiwanese collectors complained to Tony Ren that Peng QingFu and Huang Qian Liang mixed Fake Pots with their genuine Old Pots in books and JSL auctions.



“转换书”是关于老紫砂壶的书籍,其中包含故意与正品古壶混合的假壶。将假紫砂壶刻意放入书本中,与正品老壶混在一起,将假壶‘转化’为‘真古壶’,故称“转化书”。并且“转换后的壶”比真正的“古壶”更好、更有价值、甚至更真实,因为“转换后的壶”处于完美状态,因此比未处于完美状态的真正古壶能卖得更好。这种情况引起了真正的古代的紫砂壶业主的普遍抗议,他们抱怨假锅变成了真正的古壶,而真正的古壶变成了假老壶。这种“换书”现象只发生在古代紫砂壶,在艺术界是找不到的,比如夏商周青铜器中的“换书”或明清陶瓷中的“换书”。唐宋其他艺术作品中的“书”。很少有人听说过或知道“转换书”,但奇怪的是,每个人都抱怨书中的假老壶。就像现在大家都知道每场拍卖都有假老壶一样,所以大名鼎鼎的马未都曾经总结过人们的感受,感叹中国大陆的每一场拍卖都会有假的东西参加。 “转换书”是为了将假壶变成“真正的古壶”而写的书,它提供了一个壶在拍卖时需要的有价值的出处,这样一个容易上当的买家就会被“转换书”中提供的出处所欺骗,变成认为假壶是真正的老壶。事实上,这种“转换书”是一种过时的将假老壶转换为“真正的老壶”的方法,因为现在有太多的假壶是在“老”假壶上制造的,它们仍然围绕着易受骗的收藏家’手中有组织的欺诈者在市场上进行回收,无需耗时的“转换书籍”,并在拍卖“内部联系”的帮助下将他们的假壶直接投入拍卖。拍卖中的这些“转换书”和假壶是“记录证据”,是有组织的欺诈和假罐(赝品)的一个非常脆弱的部分,任富收藏将在适当的时候通知纽约时报,将利用它们造成破坏性影响, 《时代》和《中国青年报》(和其他艺术媒体)报道了有组织的欺诈行为以及整个紫砂壶生态系统的越来越多的伪造和腐败对老紫砂壶构成的生存威胁。最后,有两个因素使“转换书”不值得购买、没有教育意义且徒劳无功。一是书中有假故事的假壶,二是出土的壶,没有年代的起源和猜测的主题,使研究和学习变得不可能也没有价值。只有经过考古发掘(和海上打捞)的具有准确年代或年代的老紫砂壶才能有效地用于学习或研究。这就是为什么新加坡学者在获得任富收藏《拯救老紫砂泥茶壶》书籍后说:“有了任富收藏的书,我就不用在市场上买10到20本书了“。(这位学者)机智的不客气,提到了“转换书”),还有很多善良、诚实的台湾收藏家向任汤尼经理抱怨说,彭清福和黄健亮在书籍和 JSL 拍卖会上将假壶与真正的老壶混在一起。



The Taiwanese Li brothers who got Fujian people to raid or excavate the tombs and graves in Zhangpuxian were very irresponsible because they took only the Zisha teapots but smashed or thrown the rest away. The rest were teacups, dishes, tea canisters, burners, water boilers and so on, which are very important and vital for the study and research of Old Zisha Hu or if you prefer to call it: archaeological proofs. The Zisha teapots which were found in the graves or tombs are called unearthed Zisha teapots and they are not archaeologically excavated Zisha teapots like Ren Fu Collection’s Zisha teapots which have archaeological material, records and proofs. Unearthed Zisha Hus have only half the value of learning and the other half worthless which means you know the Pot is Old and nothing else. But what about the Niande, the owner’s name, sex, origin, status, wealth and influence, location of excavation, Gong Fu tea wares found, and other excavated artefacts or cultural relics. The earliest Gong Fu tea wares can tell us who started Gong Fu Tea for example whether it’s the Fujian or the Chao Zhou people? and so on. It is no point or it is worthless for study and research or learning when you just have a lot of unearthed Zisha Pots in a book and the writer makes guess works and worse if the writer write a Fake story about a Fake Pot which can, if a lot of books do the same: writing Fake stories about Fake Pots, destroy Old Zisha Hus. And even if the books, which have Fake stories about Fake Pots at worse and  unearthed Pots at best, are written by the most well-known scholar and written in the most flowery, beautiful and literarily-skilled hands, such books are still worthless in terms of learning not to mention for study and research purposes.(But of course some books are cunning and they included stories of real archaeologically excavated Zisha Hus belonging to museums to help  masquerade their Fake Pots). Here are what people are saying about the study or learning of Old Zisha Hus.

A few Old Zisha Hu learners said, “ The books about Old Zisha Hus are written very well, with beautiful poetic words but the more we read and learn from the books, the more confused we get and we still do not know about Old Zisha Hus and we still ended up buying a lot of Fake Pots?”

Another group of Old Zisha Hu learners said bluntly, “There are so many Fake Pots mixed with genuine Old Pots in almost all the books that if learning is eating, you do not know whether you are eating minced pork or minced pork mixed with pig’s excreta or shits” and “How can you learn when they mixed Fake Pots with genuine Old Pots?”

Now to more optimistic people:

A few people said, “ After buying Ren Fu Collection’s book, “Saving Old Purple-Sand Clay Teapots” I found out my collection of “Old Pots” are Fake Pots”.

Another few people said, “ Even though Tony Ren does not know Chinese and does not write about Old Zisha Hus in beautiful, flowery or poetic Chinese words like Huang Qian Liang’s books, Tony Ren teaches me how to really see and learn the truth about Old Pots but Huang Qian Liang’s books confuses me with his Fake Pots mixed with genuine Old Pots in his books, not to mention his Fake stories”.

Finally to scholars and highly knowledgeable people:

The Singapore scholar John Ng, who had written books on Old Zisha Hus, said, “Having Ren Fu Collection’s book-Saving Old Purple-Sand Clay Teapots-I do not need to buy the 10 to 20 books I previously bought in the market”.

We take one book to give you an example why the books in the market are mostly worthless in terms of learning and this book happens to be one of the best books in the market because the book was written by the most well-known Taiwanese scholar Huang Qian Liang, his wife Huang Yi Jia, Peng Qing Fu, (these three co-writers some people in Taiwan told us is the real Gang of 3 organized fraudsters). The book is called, “ The Study of Yixing Zhuni Teapots During the Ming and Qing Dynasties”. The book contains Genuine Old Pots mixed with Fake Pots which is not surprising because when you have Huang Qian Liang and Peng Qing Fu together, you are bound to see Fake Pots and these two organized fraudsters are notorious in Taiwan: ask anyone in Taiwan and even beyond about Peng Qing Fu and Huang Qian Liang and they will tell you or if they don’t tell you for whatever reason, they know Peng Qing Fu and Huang Qian Liang deal in Fake Pots not to mention Huang Yi Chia, the wife of Huang Qian Liang, some people in Taiwan say, is the first woman organized fraudster.(and the Gang of 3 organized fraudsters should include her, Huang Yi Jia instead of Liu Chuan Sin). The book contains not only many Fake Pots mixed with genuine Old Pots but even most of the genuine Old Pots’ Niande are wrong which proved the writers do not have a clue or do not know about the Niandes of the Old Pots and the wrong Niandes were merely guess works. And wait there are more: the most ridiculous and laughable Fake story in the book is about the Pan-Hu which Ren Fu Collection has a lot of archaeological proofs Pan-Hu was Yongzheng/Early Qian Long and hence we are experts in Pan-Hu. Read what Fake story about Pan-Hu, Huang Qian Liang created or cooked up. In the book which was written in great literary, artistic flair and flourishes, Huang Qian Liang claims that Pan Shi Cheng, a Guangzhou businessman and Guangren(official) made the Pan-Hu during the Daoguang reign and Huang Qian Liang claims too, that Pan Shi Cheng was born in Jiaqing 9th Year reign and died in Tongzhi 12th Year reign. And this Fake story is on top of the Fake Pan-Hus which were mixed with the genuine Old Pan-Hus in the book. Now we know what you all wanted to say?: where did Huang Qian Liang get this name Pan Shi Cheng and how did he know Pan Shi Cheng was born in Jiaqing 9th Year reign or died in Tongzhi 12th Year reign after we have read Ren Fu Collection’s book about the real Pan-Hu? Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Huang Qian Liang is a great story teller about Old Zisha Hus and his beautiful stories are unfortunately Fake stories cooked up to make the Fake Pan-Hus in the book appear genuine Old Pan-Hus. So that is what the good, honest Singaporean scholar meant when he said, “ Having Ren Fu Collection’s book, I do not have to buy 10 to 20 books in the market”.

A couple of Taiwanese Zisha Hu old-hands or long -time experts said, “ Ren Fu Collection’s book is a must-buy book even for experts like me and we also quietly follow Ren Fu Collection’s postings to learn” and “We know even Ren Fu Collection’s enemies and organized fraudsters also secretly follow Ren Fu Collection’s postings to learn”.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, those last two comments are very profound that even organized fraudsters and enemies of truth must hide and peep into Ren Fu Collection’s postings in order to learn or else they get left behind. And yes, the sun is setting for the Golden Age of Organized Fraudsters and the Golden Age of Fake Zisha  Hus for the Golden Age of Learning and the Golden Age of Truth are beginning to push them, the organized fraudsters and Fake Pots, into the abyss of Hell.

Taiwan has the most unearthed Zisha Hus in the world and the Taiwanese should be more honest  and responsible like teaching people the truth and how to really see Old Pots instead of deceiving and lying to people in order to sell Fake Pots. Do you know the Taiwanese have the most unearthed Pots in the world and also the Taiwanese sell the most Fake Pots in the world. That sounds like extreme greed and cold-heartedness which Ren Fu Collection will never be until we die. The Taiwanese Li Brothers who got Fujian people to raid the tombs and graves in Zhangpuxian in Fujian, China many, many years ago were just robbing graves and tombs and never considered the moral duty of protecting the archaeological materials and information contained in them which are so, so vital to the survival of Old Zisha Hu history and legacy. With so,so much unearthed Zisha Hus in their hands, which are the most in the world, the Taiwanese should be writing lots and lots of books based on unearthed Zisha Hus  and nothing else. But what did the Taiwanese do instead?

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen of the world, we heard you say loud and clear: the Taiwanese has the most unearthed Zisha Hus in the world but instead of honestly writing the most books on unearthed Zisha Hus in the world, the very greedy, cold-hearted Taiwanese wrote the most books with Fake Zisha Hus in them or to be truthful almost all Taiwanese books on Old Zisha Hus contain Fake Pots. Why do the Taiwanese do such, such bad things, please do not ask me but ask them?

And it is a great shame for Taiwan when it’s good, honest Taiwanese have to hide and surreptitiously inform or warn Ren Fu Collection about Taiwanese organized fraudsters and cheered and encouraged Ren Fu Collection to defeat their own Taiwanese organized fraudsters. We, and the rest of the world, stand up and salute those good, honest Taiwanese who support and inform Ren Fu Collection.

And while we are on the subject of good, honest Taiwanese- let us all be clear and truthful about all this heated discourse about Old Zisha Hu: the chaos in Old Zisha Hu is not because of a lack of learned teachers or lack of genuine Old Pots for benchmarks. The chaos in Old Zisha Hu is due mainly, and we repeat mainly, to the thousands and thousands of organized fraudsters and small-time fraudsters, dishonest teachers, Fake Pots and Fake stories……..and of course the lots and lots of “Conversion Books” that convert Fake Pots to genuine Old Pots by mainly Taiwanese writers all of whom are organized fraudsters.( Conversion books are fraudulent books written to transform Fake Pots to genuine Old Pots and it is a 21st century phenomena)

So like the brave and honest Professor Chen of Xiamen University who warned Ren Fu Collection of Taiwanese organized fraudster Tsai Ker Sin writing a puzzling and toxic and dishonest book for Ren Fu Collection, we ask all good and honest Taiwanese to rise up and help us stamp out Taiwanese organized fraudsters who are giving Taiwan a very, very bad name!

The last part is about why Ren Fu Collection has to always tell the truths even when it sometimes hurt us?










曾著有紫砂壶相关书籍的新加坡学者吴约翰(John Ng)表示:“拥有任富收藏的书《拯救老紫砂泥茶壶》,我不需要购买之前在市场上购买的10到20本书”。


几位台湾紫砂壶老手或资深专家表示,“任富的书是我这样的高手必买的书,我们也悄悄关注任富收藏的帖子学习”、“连任富收藏我们都知道任富收藏的敌人和有组织的骗子也偷偷跟着任富收藏的 帖子学习”。


台湾拥有世界上出土最多的紫砂壶,台湾人应该更加诚实和负责任,像教人们真相和如何真正看到老壶,而不是为了卖假壶而欺骗和欺骗人们。你知道台湾出土的老紫砂壶是世界上最多的,而且台湾人卖的假壶也是世界上最多的。这听起来像是任富收藏直到我们死了才会有的极度贪婪和冷酷。很多年前,台湾的李氏兄弟让福建人在中国福建漳浦县盗墓,只是抢劫墓葬,从来没有考虑过保护其中包含的考古材料和信息的道德责任。 ,对老紫砂壶的历史和遗产的生存至关重要。有这么多出土的紫砂壶在他们手中,是世界上最多的,台湾人应该会根据出土的紫砂壶写很多很多的书,没有别的。但是台湾人做了什么?




所以喜欢勇敢正直的厦门大学陈教授警告任富收藏,台湾有组织的骗子蔡格森为任富藏写了一本令人费解、有毒和不诚实的书,请所有善良正直的台湾人站起来,帮助我们消灭台湾人 有组织的骗子给台湾一个非常非常坏的名声!




Do you know before the Yongzheng/Early Qian Long Pan-Hu No:683 was discovered in Ren Fu Collection huge inventory, we thought all our Late Qian Long Pan-Hus like Pot Nos: 8; 73; 84;119;474;682 are genuine Pan-Hus. Ren Fu Collection has 3913 Pots and thousands of teacups, dishes, tea canisters, water boilers and burners not to mention other artefacts or cultural relics like jade, ink stone, coins, tea leaves, Opium pipes, etc..that we sometime missed out or forgot or simply did not even notice something very important is sitting in the warehouse and nobody is allowed into the warehouse but a few trusted people only which is different from a team of 30 or 40 archaeologists from museums in China working on an shipwreck or an archaeological site or 50 people from the museums sorting out the thousands of excavated artefacts. And to make matter worse, recently burglars and/robbers attempted to get into Ren Fu Collection’s gallery which we later decided to closed down forever and moved everything to Semarang, Indonesia which is the safest place.

So we now know of all the excavated Pan-Hus in Ren Fu Collection’s first One Thousand Pots(that is actually 1190 Pots:705 Zisha Hus and 485 Santoh Zhuni Hus), only one is real Pan-Hu and that genuine Pan-Hu is Yongzheng/Early Wian Long Pot No:683. And we also discovered a lot of Old Copies of Chen MingYuan Pots, Hui Meng Chen Pots, Hui YiGong Pots SiTing Pots and so on. For most people if these are their Pots, we are sure they will say their Pots are real Chen MingYuan Pots, real Hui MengChens Pots, real Hui YiGong Pots or real SiTing Pots. But Ren Fu Collection cannot do that and we cannot just say anything we want because people trust our words and people trust what we say and therefore anything we say we must have proofs and the best proofs in the world of Arts are archaeological proofs. This is a heavy responsibility and a big weight on our shoulders when you hear people everywhere say “ Ren Fu Collection is a hero” or “ Ren Fu Collection always tells the truth”, “Ren Fu Collection never cheats people” or “Ren Fu Collection is send from Heaven to fight Fake Pots, Fake stories and organized fraudsters”…and so on.

And the biggest shock was the real Hui Meng Chen Pot No:387 which was sitting in a corner of the warehouse and nobody was interested in the Pot and Tony Ren was thinking  that Pot No:387 was a Shunzhi Old Meng Chen Copy that if not for the boss’s discovery that Pot No:387 is the revolutionary Hui Meng Chen Zhuni Hu, the Pot No:387 would be still sitting in a corner in the warehouse where nobody takes any notice.

Enjoy Ren Fu Collection’s historical “One Belt, One Road” archaeological posting.


P/s……People asked us why do we still keep Tsai Ker Sin’s book that everybody who read it know it was written with bad intent? Our reply is that we purposely keep the book which we called “The Book of Shame” to show proofs to people how valuable archaeological material and info if given to a Taiwanese organized fraudster can be made into a worthless, toxic book. We have been informed by Taiwanese friends that Tsai Ker Sin and Hu WangRu have made Fake copies from the 125 closed up pictures of Ren Fu Collection’s Pots which we gave to Tsai Ker Sin.It was a big mistake we made to give so many valuable pictures to the two crooks, we were told.

And we advice Huang Qian Liang to resign from his position in the Palace Museum because if he don’t, when Ren Fu Collection makes donation of excavated Teapots and tea wares to the Palace Museum of Taiwan it will be on condition that the museum severs its ties with Huang Qian Liang and the first person to sign the Petition to Remove Huang Qian Liang from the Palace Museum of Taiwan will likely be the Malaysian Ambassador to the United States of America, Dato Azmil M.Zabidi followed by his wife Datin Karen Zabidi and including other dignitaries in the Industry and Art world.


Yixing teapot also called Purple-Sand clay teapot also called Zisha Hu

Santoh Zhuni Hu also called Chao Zhou Zhuni Hu.



你知不知道,在任富收藏中发现雍正/乾隆早期盘壶No:683之前,我们认为我们所有的乾隆晚期潘壶都喜欢壶号:8; 73;84;119;474;682 是真正的 潘壶。任富收藏有3913个壶和数以千计的茶杯、盘子、茶罐、开水器和燃烧器,更不用说其他一些我们有时错过的手工艺品或文物,如玉石、砚台、钱币、茶叶、鸦片烟斗等。或者忘记了或者根本没有注意到仓库里有非常重要的东西,没有人被允许进入仓库,只有几个值得信赖的人,这不同于中国博物馆的 30 或 40 名考古学家在沉船或考古遗址或来自博物馆的 50 人整理出数千件出土文物。更糟糕的是,最近小偷和/强盗试图进入任富收藏的艺术馆,我们后来决定永久关闭,并将所有东西都搬到印度尼西亚三宝垄,这是最安全的地方。

所以我们现在知道了任富收藏第一千壶中出土的所有潘壶(实际上是1190壶:705个紫砂壶和485个汕头朱泥壶),只有一个是真正的潘壶,真正的潘壶是雍正/乾龙壶 No:683。我们还发现了很多陈鸣远壶、惠孟臣壶、惠逸公壶、思亭壶等的老仿壶。对于大多数人来说,如果这些是他们的壶,我们肯定他们会说他们的壶是真正的陈鸣远壶、真正的惠孟臣壶、真正的惠逸公壶和真正的思亭壶。但任富收藏不能做到这一点,我们不能随便说什么,因为人们相信我们的话,人们相信我们所说的,因此我们所说的任何事情都必须有证据,而艺术界最好的证据是考古证据。当你听到世界各地的人们说“任富收藏是英雄”或“任富收藏总是说真话”、“任富收藏从不欺骗人”或“任富收藏是打击假老壶、假故事和有组织的欺诈者”时,这是一个沉重的责任和沉重的负担。




P/s ……人们问我们为什么我们还保留蔡格森的书,每个看过它的人都知道它是用恶意编写的?我们的答复是,我们特意保留了我们称之为“耻辱之书”的书,以向人们证明如果将宝贵的考古材料和信息提供给台湾有组织的欺诈者,可以变成一本毫无价值的有毒书籍。台湾朋友告诉我们,蔡格森和胡万如伪造了我们送给蔡格森的125张任富收藏壶的封闭照片。他们告诉我们,我们把这么多有价值的照片送给这两个骗子是一个很大的错误。






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