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This is the part of Ren Fu Collection organized fraudsters and the thousands of small-time fraudsters fear most and hate us for.

Ren Fu Collection has kept its promise for what have been achieved and will keep its promise on what we still have not achieved(unless for good reasons we cannot achieve them). We have released a powerful book and e-book(in the new website) to save Old Zisha Hu. In the new website ( which is out now but incomplete and just waiting for the Black-List of Fake Zisha Hus page, the Buy, Sell and Exchange page, Live Exhibitions and we will teach you how to spot Fake Pots based on Ren Fu Collection’s excavated exact-dated Pots and science. The purpose of creating a Buy, Sell and Exchange Page is for people to buy, sell or exchange 100% genuine Old Pots to create an alternative market place for people who wants 100% security and 100% peace of mind……and of course most important of all, we will start a Black-List of Fake Zisha Hus in the website and the first, we repeat, the first Fake Pot we will put into the Black-List is Huang Qian Liang’s Fake Daoguang Pear-shaped Zhuni Hu he sold to a Guangdong buyer who complained to Ren Fu Collection a few years ago, to be followed by Peng QingFu’s Fake Pots sold to many, many people who have complained to us and slowly to include all the Fake Pots in the market and learning institutions like auctions, books, etc. After that we will send a copy of the Ren Fu Collection book titled, “ Saving Purple-Sand Clay Teapots” to every of the 100(one hundred) famous or reputable Arts people, scholars, museum curators, auctioneers, news media and others in the world accompanied by a personalized letter explaining the plight of Old Zisha Hu and our campaign to save it.

Following on the heel of the above, we will notify The New York Times, The Times UK, China Youth Daily and CCTVs about the desperate plight of Old Zisha Hu and Tony Ren’s “One man’s crusade against organized frauds and Fake Zisha Hus”. This news scoop will be a wonderful sequel to The New York Times, 2005 article titled, “Forging an Art Market in China” and to compliment the books written by the mainland Chinese writer named Wu Shu who wrote, “Who is Swindling China?”

Of course we will not forget the Petition to Remove Huang Qian Liang from the Palace Museum of Taiwan(even if he only does research for the museum). As an encouragement for a good cause, the Malaysian Ambassador to the United States of America, Dato Azmil Zabidi has agreed to be the first signatory to the Petition.

As for the replacement of the cancelled exhibition in the Malaysian Embassy in Washington D.C., USA , which is due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the U.S.-China trade war, we will make it better and easier for you to attend like never before.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Ren Fu Collection will do an on-line exhibition instead of a brick and mortar exhibition. And you do not need to drive, fly and travel over long distances just to attend to see Ren Fu Collection’s “one and only and not found anywhere else” sensational and spectacular exhibition with all contents based on excavated tea, teapots and tea wares with archaeological records. Yes, indeed, Ladies and Gentlemen, the exhibition of the first One Thousand Teapots and thousands of tea, tea wares and other artefacts is right at your fingertips whether you are in a car or in a yacht or in your bed, office or any public or private spaces, all you need is a computer or digital phone, you can access Ren Fu Collection’s on-line exhibitions. And yes, indeed, the first time in your life and in the world that you and anybody anywhere can enjoy a spectacular On-line exhibition where everything in it is what we say it is. No more “ Conversion books” or “Conversion exhibition” where they mixed genuine Old Pots with Fake Pots to convert Fake Pots to genuine Old Pots, no more dishonest and untruthful Fake teachers or experts to teach you. No more guess works, deceptions, lies or Fake stories. It sounds like a Zisha Hu eco-system made in Heaven and it is….welcome to Ren Fu Collection’s On-line exhibition and we are sure you are going to be amazed when it is out.

Before we start the next part of the story, we would like you to share a brief or snapshot of a conversation about where and how some fraudsters got their Fake Pots made. The following monologues came from an informer who makes Pots but does not want to be identified.

Mr. Potter: There are too few Late Ming Pots for forging so they forge mostly Qing dynasty Pots”.

Mr. Potter: Taiwan forgers in Yixing make new Pots and Fake “Old Pots”.

Mr.Potter: Taiwan forgers make Fake Pots and then go to Fujian to bury the Pots to make them looked unearthed.

Mr.Potter: Clays for making Fake Pots are different in different Niandes like Daoguang or Qian Long or Kangxi or Late Ming.

Mr.Potter: There are people who make Purple-Sand in the village and several kilns produced the Fake Pots at the same time.

Mr.Potter: We are people(or Potters) who are closest to the Fakers’ secret and how they make Fake Pots.

Mr.Potter: Taiwan fraudsters like to make more or less 100c.c. Fake Pot sizes.

Mr.Potter: Mainland Chinese fraudsters like to send their Fake Pots to Chao Zhou or Fujian kilns.

Mr.Potter: Lian Quan once asked me to make Fake Pots for him but I refused.

Mr.Potter: Lian Quan lies to his workers who make Fake Pots for him by claiming falsely that he is selling the Pots honestly as reproduction Pots but his workers do not know he is selling the newly made Pots as “genuine Old Pots” because if the workers know the Fake Pots they made were sold as highly priced “genuine Old Pots”, his workers would want higher pay.

Next we will take a look at what the half-cooked experts in Old Zisha Hu “say and teach you” and why having half or the wrong knowledge can be dangerous to Old Zisha Hus like you frequently hear(before Ren Fu Collection appeared) from good, honest Taiwanese collectors the common angry refrain, “ The fraudsters purposely teach the wrong things so that genuine Old Pots become Fake Pots and Fake Pots become genuine Old Pots”.

In October 2010, Ren Fu Collection held its first Pre-Daoguang Zisha Hu exhibition(with 179 Pots) in Equatorial Hotel, Melaka, Malaysia and shocked if not surprised the Zisha Hu world. The earliest ignorant encounter was in the second day of the exhibition where an elderly man from Kuala Lumpur who claimed he was an Old Zisha Hu expert who shouted at Tony Ren at the exhibition before the security guards intervened with words like: ” Your Pots were buried and I am an expert in Old Zisha Hus. The clays are not old and all your Pots are Fakes”. Next came an popular on-line Tea and Zisha Hu blog called Tea Chat who has been teaching people how to see Old and Fake Pots for donkey years who attacked Ren Fu Collection’s Pots as shenanigans and all Fakes.That were many, many years ago but even recently we have another self-proclaimed Old Zisha Hu expert surnamed Zhang who used to own a tea and Old Zisha Hus shop in Melaka, Malaysia but which has since been closed down(the “Old Pots”which we found in the shop are Fake Pots) and who went crazy on-line by attacking and accusing Ren Fu Collection’s Pots are Fake Pots because he said if you look at our Pots’ clay you will see the clays are Fake clays. Good Heavens and this Mr. Zhang teaches people how to see Pots?

These half-cooked and totally ignorant teachers or experts, if you like, who do not know and the organized fraudsters and small-time fraudsters who know  Ren Fu Collection’s Pots are genuine Old but both attacking us forced Ren Fu Collection to bring out its most powerful archaeological proofs: the human skeletons inside the graves/tombs….and even having two human bones authenticated and dated by a famous carbon-dating science laboratory.(see Certificate of Authenticity).

The other sources of half-cooked knowledge in the form of on-line teaching are:

According to Topic Tea

How to date antique teapots?

Step-by-step procedures .

  • Check the signs of wear and tear
  • Check for markings at the base of teapot can help you determine the manufacture of a teapot and the possible year it was made
  • Look at the shape of teapot-round shape teapots popular between 1730 and 1760; Pear-shaped teapots popular between 1750 and 1755 and straight-sided teapots popular between 1790 and 1800.
  • Analyze the features of the teapot. Uneven holes leading to spout is old teapot. Perfect round hole is Fake Pot. Many holes are not Old teapot.


According to Tea Master Blog

  • The handle-it should be thinner on the top than below
  • The knob-size and shape should be in harmony with the rest of the teapot.
  • The spout-should have some beautiful curves and rarely just one curve.

(See Tea-Parker’s 3 tricks to identify an Old Yixing teapot)


According to Tea-chat

How to tell a real Pot from a Fake?

  • Fake pots treated to look “old” by sanding down the surface and rubbing with shoe brush, black soot and even buried in earth.
  • Forging seals of Old Pots before 1960, by using red wax pressed onto Old Seal and imprinting on Fake Pots. But modern day, duplication of seals is done by computer which produces an exact copy of duplicate and made worse by fake Certificates of Authenticity.
  • Old Master’s signatures and/or chop-marks are very difficult to forge, so a fake can be exposed when compared to the Old Master’s.
  • This author went on to say that if all these fails and the forgery of signatures and/or chop-marks/seals is top grade that it fools the naked eye, one can resort to (last resort) the signs of age. But this author went on to say that recognizing the age of the Zisha Pot or clay is the most difficult to learn because there is absolutely no materials available to study or reference from.


Ladies and Gentlemen, try not to laugh even though these so-called or self-proclaimed experts, who do not know head from tail, are half-cooked or ignorant but at least they are honest and it is only their facts that are not truthful. Nevertheless there are people or organized fraudsters or small-time fraudsters who know how to see Pots but purposely teach the wrong things in order to sell you their Fake Pots.

Two words come to mind when you learn how to Spot a Fake Pot?: honesty and truthfulness. You can be honest and believe you are teaching the truth but it is not because what you teach are wrong and untruthful. And of course there are dishonest and untruthful people who purposely teach people the wrong things to sell them Fake Pots.

Now we take a look at the second category of the two types of teachers which is the fraudulent type. Yes we take a look at the dishonest and in this special first case, corrupted and fraudulent scholar Huang Qian Liang who with Peng Qing Fu, do the double act fraud. We do not want to talk about Peng QingFu whose Fake Pots sold to people and in auctions and also whose Fake Pots in “Conversion Books” written by Huang Qian Liang are simply too many to mention which we will cover in another story. Of the many, many Fake Pots they sell personally or in auctions and written about in “Conversion Books”, this Fake Daoguang Pear-shaped Zhuni Pot is interesting because it proved Huang Qian Liang and Peng Qing Fu’s double act or organized frauds. It started like this, a Guangdong buyer, a few years ago, complained to Ren Fu Collection about a Fake Daoguang Pear-shaped Zhuni Hu he bought from Huang Qian Liang and want us to help him deal with the powerful and influential scholar Huang Qian Liang who besides writing “Conversion Books” also sell Fake Pots because people trusted his famous name but did not know he sells Fake Pots. So we went into Liang Quan’s Blog which the Fake Daoguang Pear-shaped Pot was being argued about, Remember it was not the Taiwan blog controlled by the Peng Qing Fu and Huang Qian Liang which no one dares to expose Fake Pots let alone accuses Huang Qian Liang of selling Fake Pots and this Blog belong to Lian Quan who later became a fraudster himself. As it happened, the Guangdong buyer of the Fake pot complained on the blog that he bought a Fake Pot from Huang Qian Liang and a few people also said the Pot is Fake including Liang Quan himself and one viewer commented that the inscriptions on the bottom of the Pot look like writings on ice(which means it is Fake). But Huang Qian Liang, not surprisingly defended himself by saying he has asked Peng Qing Fu’s opinion and Peng Qing Fu said the Pot is genuine Old. Of course his conspirator Peng Qing Fu will say the Pot is genuine Old. But when we, Tony Ren, exposed and attacked their conspiracy by saying that Ren Fu Collection has more than a hundred of this Daoguang and Jiaqing Pear-shaped Zhuni Pots and none has inscriptions that look like Huang Qian Liang’s Fake Daoguang Pear-shaped Zhuni Pot’s inscriptions, they quickly removed our explosive comment’s. Why are they so scared and afraid of Ren Fu Collection’s comments?

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, the organized fraudsters are scared and frightened of Ren Fu Collection’s comments because our words are honest and truthful. By the way, the Taiwan blog JushuiTang that was controlled by the Gang of 3 organized fraudsters Huang Qian Liang, Peng Qing Fu and Liu Chuan Sin, has closed down because of Ren Fu Collection’s constant attack and exposure of fake Pots.

Enjoy studying the pictures of fake pots that we post in the page :





当然,我们不会忘记将黄健亮从台湾故宫博物院除名的请愿书(即使他只为故宫博物院做研究)。马来西亚驻美国大使拿督阿兹米尔·扎比迪(Dato Azmil Zabidi)同意成为请愿书的第一个签字人将会是对老紫砂壶有良好事业的鼓励。


是的,各位先生和女士们,任富收藏将进行在线展览,而不是实体展览。您无需开车、坐飞机和长途旅行,只需观看任富收藏的“独一无二,在其他任何地方都找不到” 的轰动壮观展览,所有内容均基于出土茶叶、茶壶和茶具为基础的具有考古价值记录。

是的,的确,各位先生和女士们,无论您是在车上还是游艇上,还是在床上、办公室或任何公共场所,首届千壶茶具和数几千件茶具和其他工艺品的展览都仿佛触手可及 。您只需要一台电脑或数码电话,即可连接到任富收藏的线上直播展览。



紫砂壶先生:晚明时期用于伪造的陶器太少了,所以他们伪造的大多是清代的 陶器”。

















1) 检查磨损迹象

2) 检查茶壶底部的标记可以帮助您确定茶壶的制造和可能的制造年份

3) 看看1730年至1760年间流行的圆形茶壶的形状;梨形茶壶流行于1750至1755年间,直边茶壶流行于1790至1800年间。

4) 分析茶壶的特点。通常看壶嘴的凹凸不平的独孔是旧茶壶,完美的独孔是假的壶。很多孔都不是旧茶壶。


1) 手柄顶部应比下方薄

2) 旋钮的大小和形状应与茶壶的其余部分相协调。

3) 喷口应该有一些漂亮的曲线,很少只有一条曲线。




1) 用砂纸打磨表面,用鞋刷、黑煤烟甚至埋在土里,假老紫砂壶看起来“很旧”。

2) 在1960年以前,用红色蜡压在旧印章上并在假老紫砂壶子上压印,伪造旧老紫砂壶子的印章。但在现代,印章的复制是由计算机完成的,计算机会生成复制品的精确副本,而伪造的真品证书则会使复制品更加糟糕。

3) 老主人的签名和/或印章很难伪造,因此与老主人的签名和印章相比,伪造的签名和印章很难被发现。

4) 这位作者接着说,如果所有这些都失败了,而且伪造签名和印章是最高级的,它愚弄了肉眼,那么人们可以求助于(最后手段)年龄迹象。但这位作者接着说,认识紫砂壶或粘土的年代是最困难的,因为根本没有可供研究或参考的材料。

各位先生和女士们,请尽量不要笑, 尽管这些所谓的或自称是专家的人(他们不懂头头是道)是半知半解或无知的,至少他们是诚实的,只不过他们了解和知道的是不真实的。尽管如此,还是有组织的欺诈者或小欺诈者知道如何看老紫砂壶子,但他们故意教错的说假老紫砂壶是真的,以便卖给他们。








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