Black-List of Fake Purple-Sand Clay Teapots

Black-List of Fake Purple-Sand Clay Teapots

Forgeries are done for only one thing and one thing only: money.

On top of financial losses incurred by gullible buyers, fake Purple-Sand clay teapots also inflict collateral damages such as distortions or even destruction of true facts and history which are caused by fake facts and history created for fake Purple-Sand clay teapots especially those that were fraudulently claimed to be made by Old Master Potters.

It is hoped that educating people on how to differentiate between a Fake and an Old Pot, and by drawing up a Black-List of Fake Purple-Sand clay teapots, will put a stop to the ever-increasing fake Pots in the market.

The Black-List informs potential buyers but deters the selling of fake Pots.

Although it is not our policy to publish sites/people or organizations involved in selling “fake Pots”, sometimes the situation warrants it in order to protect the truth and encourage healthy learning of this exquisite Chinese National Treasure – an Old Art Form which is also a World Heritage that was created by the painstaking and skillful hands of great Potters of a bygone era.


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