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Welcome To The Justice League: A Slowly Increasing Super-Group

And Tony Ren, the manager of Ren Fu Collection, who is well-known for speaking the truth, has this to say to this liar and fraudster of a man whom Tony Ren has never met or really known except through Lily the translators.

Mr. Liar and Fraudster Lian Quan, if Ren Fu Collection which is a big and famous name, wanted to sell Fake Pots and cheat people by partnering with other people, we would not in a thousand years partner someone like you Lian Quan who is a stupid, no name, no hoper and a failure of even a fraudster……if Ren Gu Collection is really bad and evil, we would have easily partnered Huang Qian Liang, Peng WingFu or Liu Chuan Sin or other big named successful organized fraudsters and not a dumb liar like Lian Quan.

And if Ren Fu Collection ever team up with any organized fraudster//s, I, Tony Ren, will resign immediately because cheating people out of their hard earned money is not in my blood( I will never disgrace my honest, upright mother and father) and I, Tony Ren, will instead attack and condemn Ren Fu Collection if that happens.

Lian Quan, you are a scum, a liar and a hopeless fraudster and your mother, your father, your wife and children should be ashamed of you because people like you together with other fraudsters, who cheat people out of their hard earned money and we will not forget you are the kind of fraudsters who cheats everybody including old people like the grandfather in Beijing who a few years ago committed suicide by jumping from the 6th floor of a hospital because he lost all his savings buying fake antiques like Lian Quan’s Fake Pots.

Number Three: Lian Quan , the small-time fraudster says he wants to sue Ren Fu Collection but cannot because Ren Fu Collection is overseas.

To sue Ren Fu Collection, a very wealthy, honest and trusted name, with what? With a lot of money which Lian Quan does not have or with his Fake Pots which are worthless or with lies which cannot stand up in a court of law. And to sue the truth-that Lian Quan’s Pots are Fake Pots? And Lian Quan’s nonsense that he cannot sue Ren Fu Collection overseas is a lie because you can sue anybody overseas as long as you have a good case to win and a lot of money to pay the lawyers. Take Liu Chuan Sin, the millionaire organized fraudster for an example who threatened to sue Ren Fu Collection a hundred times but does not dare when we accuse him of the forgery of Zhang DaQian’s paintings. Liu Chuan Sin has the money to sue but does not dare sue because he knows he will lose to sue somebody who says the truth.(and Liu Chua Sin is Malaysian and Ren Fu Collection is in Malaysia).

Now there is some people who say Lian Quan wants to attract attention by telling lies about Ren Fu Collection because he is an unknown nobody and Ren Fu Collection is very famous. Okay if that is what Lian Quan wants , Tony Ren says he will oblige Lian Quan and make Lian Quan a well-known notorious fraudster.

Here is something we heard people told us about Lian Quan.

Firstly, Lian Quan does not buy Fake Pots from Peng QingFu anymore because Peng QingFu’s Fake Pots are high grade and very expensive. Lian Quan is making Fake Pots himself. Lian Quan’s Fake Pots(see pictures of Lian Quan’s Fake Pots) are low grade, low quality Fake Pots that are easy to see are Fakes in contrast to Huang Qian Liang and Peng QingFu’s high quality Fake Pots because Lian Quan does not have the money to pay for top grade Fake Pots but has the big dream of becoming a successful millionaire organized fraudster like Peng QingFu. And for your information Peng QingFu and Huang Qia Liang’s Fake Pots can get into auctions but Lian Quan’s Fake Pots cannot because Lian Quan’s Fake Pots are low quality.

How Lian Quan produces cheap, low quality Fake Pots, we were told by reliable people, is by hiring cheap ordinary Potters or workers and lying to his workers by saying the Pots they made are to be sold honestly as new Pots but in actual truth, Lian Quan cheats his workers by selling the Pots his workers made as genuine Old Pots so that he does not have to pay his workers higher wages. Lian Quan is a cold-hearted liar/fraudster just like Peng QingFu. A few people who have bought Lian Quan’s Fake Pots are very angry and have these to say about Lian Quan: “Lian Quan must be born from the shit-hole of the pig”, another said, “ Lian Quan is a thick-skinned, lying bastard who has no shame”and “Lian Quan cheats anybody even old grandfathers and old grandmothers-he is despicable”……and so on.

Well, we would not go that far to describe Lian Quan but we agree Lian Quan is a liar, a cheat and a fraudster who must be stopped from cheating people out of their hard earned money and destroying Old Zisha Hu.

A famous wise man in the West once said, “ For every lie a person tells about you, you need to produce ten proofs to vindicate yourself” and Ren Fu Collection has this to say, “ It is very difficult to do an honest business selling genuine Old Pots but very easy to do a fraudulent business selling Fake Pots”.

But however hard it is to do good things and easy it is to do bad things, we good people have to persevere and fight for a better world in our big or small ways we can for the sake of a great country like China whose cultural,artistic and even philosophical heritage is second to none like take for example the ingenious Old Purple-Sand clay teapots, among the many,many world class Chinese creations, which are facing an existential threat from our own very Chinese people especially Taiwanese fraudsters in the forms of Fake Zisha Hus, Fake Facts and organized frauds which are destroying what the Old Famous Potters and Old Master Potters had painstakingly created hundreds of years ago. Not to mention the pain, sorrow and even death caused by Fake Pots and organized fraudsters like for example the grandfather who committed suicide by jumping off the sixth floor of a Beijing hospital after losing all his savings to Fake antiques. To all heroes who speak up against organized fraudsters and Fake Zisha Hus we kowtow to you and to the silent people who allow Fake Pots and organized frauds to flourish with impunity because some are afraid of the bullying fraudsters who sell Fake Pots, we say this to them:good people have to speak up and stand up against these many, many fraudsters because at the end of the day it will be you and not us who get cheated of your hard earned money by fraudsters like Lian Quan or Peng QingFu.

The Old Famous Potters and Old Master Potters are turning in and crying out from their graves for justice to the destruction of their legacies they painstakingly created.

以讲真话而闻名的任富收藏经理任汤尼(Tony Ren)也有这样的话要对这个骗子说,这个骗子是一个除了莉莉在线交流以外,任汤尼从未见过或真正认识的人。















Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Justice League: a slowly increasing super-group of people of conscience like for example the group of good people who exposed Lian Quan’s Fake Zisha Hus business and bring it to our attention. To date we together with these and other heroes have brought down and stop Lian Quan’s Blog yixing zisha alliance, but our biggest achievements were to stop the once influential Taiwanese Blog Taiwan jushuitang, from doing Fake Pots and JSL Auction from doing Fake Pots, both of which were controlled Peng Qing Fu and Huang Qian Liang.( 2 of the Gang of 3 organized fraudsters). And to all other organized fraudsters we say to them: don’t feel too comfortable because we and our heroes will expose you one day soon.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, we cannot thank these heroes enough for exposing Fake Pots and fraudsters but, on behalf of Old Famous Potters and Old Master Potters, we can do this for you heroes: Ren Fu Collection welcome all these heroes to our gallery and Ren Fu Collection offers you free access to its awesome archaeological materials, info and even classified records on your learning visits or tour in Malaysia so that they can be armed with knowledge and experience that only Ren Fu Collection’s thousands of archaeological excavations can give them.

Some wise people said, “ This battle between Ren Fu Collection and good people against organized fraudsters and other fraudsters is like the League of Heroes versus the evil forces of the Zisha Hu underworld”.

Finally before we go, please give a big hand of applause to the heroes who stood up and speak up against organized fraudsters and also for your future contemplation we ask you: should good people form a super-group backed by Ren Fu Collection to counter the powerful organized fraudsters and Fake Zisha Hus?

If yes, what would you like to call the super-group whose aim is to save Old Zisha Hu?

Enjoy Ren Fu Collection’s historical “One Belt, One Road” archaeological posting….and a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year!

P/s….We do not reveal the identity of informers or the heroes who fight organized fraudsters or who provide secret information, unless they want to be revealed, so that they can infiltrate incognito organized fraudsters community and witness fraudulent activities. For people who need Ren Fu Collection’s assistance in their fight against organized fraudsters, please provide us with pictures of Fake Pots, if possible the source of the Fake Pots of where they made them, pictures of the fraudsters and where the fraudsters operate, and so on,

For your information Lian Quan’s Fake Zisha Hu business is very easy to expose and destroy because his Fake Pots are low quality and very easy to see are Fakes and Lian Quan is a nobody but Huang Qian Liang is a formidable and influential organized fraudster because he is a well-known scholar who has connection to (and hence protected by) the Palace Museum of Taiwan, the name of which he uses to carry out acts of frauds like writing Fake stories or Fake facts to transform Fake Pots into genuine Old Pots in books, on-line blogs, auctions,etc..The only way to destroy Huang Qian Liang is by drawing up a Petition to persuade or force the Palace Museum of Taiwan to cut its link with Huang Qian Liang and without the Palace Museum to back and protect him, Huang Qian Liang is vulnerable and his future is as good as dead or over.

By the way, talking about Fake Pots, a lot more people who recently bought our books have told us they realize they had bought Fake Pots after learning from our book. Apart from the usual mainland Chinese buyers, there are more Malaysian and Singaporean buyers and interestingly a few Yixing Potters have bought Ren Fu Collection’s book titled, “ Saving Old Purple-sand Clay Teapots”.

Plus Ren Fu Collection’s e-book is coming out and Ren Fu Collection new website too!












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