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We have been told by Art expert friends that archaeological discovery of this magnitude should be ideally dealt with or handled(written or narrated) by fully accredited or official Art historian and not by someone who is part of a private Art Rescue team like Ren Fu Collection. Some people say Ren Fu Collection can get paid a lot of money from Art or Tea Art magazines for big, sensational  archaeological stories like the discovery of the elusive Old Master Potter Hui Meng Chen and even some people say this huge sensational archaeological discovery and story of the greatest Old Master Potter of all times should be made into a motion picture. We agree with the first advice but unfortunately have not found the opportunity to find the right person for the job after the shocking and disappointing experience of seeking the help of Taiwanese Zisha Hu scholars who turned out to be part of the institutionalized organized fraud community in Taiwan, namely Tsai Ker Sin, Huang Qian Liang, Huang I Ching, Peng Qing Fu to name a few. Yes, we agree and hope to find someone with principles and honesty in the near future when the opportunity arises.(like for example Professor Chen of Xiamen University who is now transferred to Santoh University, who once warned us about Tsai Ker Sin intentionally writing Ren Fu Collection’s first book in a fraudulent, dishonest and toxic way.) And for your greatest news: a Chinese Art expert said, “ Ren Fu Collection’s  archaeological discovery of this greatest of Potter Hui Meng Chen can be and should be made into a Motion Picture or film because there are so much discovered about him now which proved he is the greatest Master Potter of all times which were not known before and a good film script based on the sensational archaeological discoveries can make it a reality. They made a film about Gu Zing Zhou, why can’t they make one about Hui MengChen? And also the Late Ming had a Zisha Hu historian called Zhou GaoQi who wrote the book, “An Account of YangXian Teapots” and we hope this 21st century has a Zisha Hu historian too who can honestly and truthfully write a book about all the archaeologically excavated Zisha Hus in the world especially Ren Fu Collection’s thousands of excavated Pots with archaeological materials and records. Writing a book about Zisha Hus that have no archaeological proofs is too risky and prone to be erroneous at best or fraudulent at worst whether it’s written by guess works or worse by organized fraudsters. Just imagine what will happen if Ren Fu Collection excavated thousands of graves/tombs without keeping archaeological records and left the discourse or education of Old Zisha Hu to Taiwanese organized fraudsters like Huang Qian Liang, Peng Qing Fu and other Taiwanese organized fraudsters: yes, you would end up with many, many times more Fake stories of Chen MingYuan, Fake stories of  Shi DaBin, Fake stories of Hui MengChen, etc.. than the rare genuine stories of Chen MingYuan, Shi DaBin, Hui MengChen, etc…And just imagine what a great waste of unearthed Pots without archaeological materials or records that were almost all mopped up by the Taiwanese when the Taiwanese descended on Nanyang and Zhangpuxian, Fujian in the 1980s and 1990s to buy up all the unearthed Pots. Sadly, these unearthed Pots came from hit-and-run tomb-raiders in the case of Zhangpuxian or dealers in the case of Nanyang who did not have the higher concerns of the excavated Pots in mind like for example how to protect and save the archaeological materials, discoveries and information for posterity thus making the Pots worthless in terms of archaeological or historical value especially due to the fact that Old Zisha Hus cannot be scientifically authenticated or dated. With this in mind you could probably forgive Tony Ren’s lack of experience in writing but be assured every story we tell is based on archaeological proofs or archaeological experience, we can now begin our story about Hui MengChen in a calm manner after a few weeks of exhilaration and euphoria caused by the news that the ex-boss of Ren Fu Collection has  ingeniously solved the Hui Meng Chen mystery and puzzle. Our Hui Meng Chen story is by no means complete and may have to be edited, corrected, restructured, expanded, reviewed or whatever measures professionally necessary  to present the discoveries and findings in such a way that has the compilation of a book in the future in mind in order to serve justice to Ren Fu Collection’s huge treasure trove of archaeological materials and data . (惠孟臣故事第一集) 前言 艺术专家朋友告诉我们,这种规模的考古发现,最好由完全认可的或官方的艺术史学家来处理或研究(书写或叙述),而不是像任富收藏这样的私人艺术救援队的成员。有人说,任富收藏可以从艺术或茶艺杂志上大赚一笔,耸人听闻的考古故事,如神秘莫测的老陶艺大师惠孟臣的发现,甚至有人说,这一巨大的耸人听闻的考古发现和历史上最伟大的老陶艺大师的故事应该拍成电影。 我们同意第一个建议,但遗憾的是,在寻求台湾紫砂壶学者帮助的令人震惊和失望的经历之后,我们没有找到机会找到合适的人选,这些学者原来是台湾制度化的有组织诈骗团体的一员,即蔡格森、黄健亮、,黄怡嘉、彭庆福等为数不多。 是的,我们同意并希望在不久的将来当机会来临时找到一个有原则和诚实的人。(比如说,厦门大学的陈教授现在被转移到汕头大学,他曾经警告过我们Tsai Ker Sin(蔡格森)故意以欺诈、不诚实和有毒的方式写任富收藏的第一本书。) 一位中国艺术专家说:“任富收藏的考古发现,这个最伟大的陶艺大师惠孟臣而且应该被拍成电影,因为现在关于他的发现太多了,这证明了他是历史上最伟大的陶艺大师,这在以前是不为人所知的,是一个基于轰动的电影剧本考古发现可以使之成为现实。他们拍了一部关于《顾景舟》的电影,为什么不能拍一部关于《惠孟臣》的电影呢? 明末还有一位名叫周高启的紫砂壶史学家写了这本书,《阳羡茶壶史》,我们希望21世纪也有一位紫砂壶史学家,他能诚实、真实地写一本关于世界上所有紫砂壶考古发掘的书,特别是“任富收藏”上千件出土的茶壶的考古资料和记录。写一本没有考古证据的关于紫砂壶的书风险太大,无论是由猜测者写的,还是由有组织的骗子写的,充其量都容易出错,最坏的情况下也容易弄虚作假。试想一下,如果任富收藏在没有考古记录的情况下,挖掘出上千座坟墓/坟墓,把紫砂壶的话语或教育留给黄健亮、彭清福等台湾有组织的骗子,会发生什么:是的,你最终会有很多,陈鸣远的假故事、时大彬的假故事、惠孟臣的假故事等等,都比以前多了很多倍。。比陈鸣远、时大彬、惠孟臣等罕见的真人故事还要多……试想,上世纪八十、九十年代,台湾人到福建南洋、漳浦县购买所有出土的陶器老紫砂壶时,没有考古资料和记录的出土陶器老紫砂壶几乎都被台湾人扫荡,这是多么大的浪费啊。可悲的是,这些出土的陶罐紫砂壶来自肇事逃逸的盗墓贼,比如福建漳浦县,或者是南洋的商人,他们对出土的紫砂壶没有更高的关注,比如如何保护和保存考古材料,为子孙后代提供的发现和信息,使得这些陶器在考古或历史价值方面毫无价值,特别是由于老紫砂壶无法通过科学鉴定或确定年代。 考虑到这一点,你可能会原谅任汤尼缺乏写作经验,但请确保我们讲的每一个故事都是基于考古证据或考古经验,我们现在可以平静地开始我们关于惠孟臣的故事了,因为有消息说,任富收藏的前老板巧妙地解开了惠孟臣的谜团,让我们兴奋了几个星期。我们的惠孟臣故事绝不完整,可能需要编辑、纠正、重组、扩充,审查或任何专业上必要的措施,以这样一种方式呈现发现和发现,即考虑到未来的一本书的编纂,以公正地服务于任富收藏的考古材料和数据的巨大宝藏。
REN FU COLLECTION’S HUGE COLLECTION OF EXCAVATED OLD ZISHA HUS CONTAINS MANY OLD FAMOUS POTTERS AND A FEW OLD MASTER POTTERS…………………………………………………. Ren Fu Collection has 398 Xia/Shang/Zhou Bronzes and 3913 excavated Teapots(Zisha and Santoh Zhuni teapots) with archaeological records. The 398 Xia/Shang/Zhou Bronzes were collected from the late 1970s when unearthed Bronzes in mainland China were sold very cheaply for RMB 100 a piece until 2003 when the SARS epidemic struck and unearthed Bronzes were sold for RMB 50,000 a piece. Investment notwithstanding, in such huge collection of unearthed Xia/Shang/Zhou Bronzes there are bound to be discoveries-some small and some big discoveries. Take for example Ren Fu Collection’s two Western Zhou Dynasty(B.C. 1100-771) Bronze Guis containing 64 inscriptions which described the Rui Kingdom which was not known to exist by historians until now.(see pictures of two Western Zhou Guis and the 64 inscriptions.) Some mainland China universities like BeiDa(Beijing University) have approached Ren Fu Collection to borrow and record the pictures of the two Bronze Guis and 64 inscriptions.(see also attached: Certificates of Authenticity from the History Museum, Beijing). In Ren Fu Collection’s 3913 excavated Pots with archaeological materials and records(unlike Ren Fu Collection’s unearthed Xia/Shang/Zhou Bronzes which were bought and do not have archaeological records) which also contain archaeological discoveries-many small discoveries, some big discoveries and  a few earth-moving or ground-breaking stories. And it goes without saying also that Ren Fu Collection contains lots of ordinary Pots, many exquisite old Famous Potter’s Pots and a few very rare Old Master’s Pots. Just like the huge net of a big fishing trawler in the sea which catches all kind of sea creatures- big and small, low grade and high grade fishes, crabs, lobsters or the highly priced blue tuna, Ren Fu Collection huge collection of excavated Pots and tea wares with archaeological materials and records also contains Pots-big and small, low grade and high grade, Old Famous Potters’ and the priceless Old Master Potters’Pot. These excavated Pots belonged to Chinese immigrants and traders once plying along the maritime Silk Route- some of them so wealthy that they could afford to own anything money could buy in mainland China including Old Famous Potters and even Old Master  Potters Works of Art( and Fine Arts too). This incredible feat of Ren Fu Collection in rescue-excavating thousands of graves/tombs that were destined for demolition due to commercial, residential and industrial developments from the 1970s to the 1990s in Nanyang countries , not only saved Old Zisha and Santoh Zhuni Hus and other tea wares from destruction but unleashed the genie of archaeological discoveries, many exciting and interesting but a few very profound and mind-blowing monumental discoveries that would shake the world of Zisha Hu. And like the huge net of the big trawler ship which trawls up anything in the sea, Ren Fu Collection also excavated the rarest and biggest name in the Zisha Hu world. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, today we have the great pleasure and fortune of breaking and sharing the biggest Zisha Hu story of all times: the discovery of Hui Meng Chen and the Pot that made him universally the most famous, most popular, most worshipped and the only Old Master Potter to be commemorated in the 8th and 13rd Year Reign of Emperor Qian Long. But before you get excited and adventurous in your mind, please be reminded or even warned that because nothing was known about Hui Meng Chen except for the only Tianqi 7th Year Reign Hui Meng Chen Zisha Hu in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and the fact that everyone knows Ren Fu Collection has the biggest treasure trove of archaeological materials and data especially the ones related to Hui Meng Chen , which a lot of people said are heaven-send, let’s not forget we are not professional scholar at writing stories especially exacting stories about the truth. So very sorry to say you are all lumbered with me, Tony Ren, an untrained, unprofessional writer but do not despair because even tough I might not be the best in articulating the Hui Meng Chen Stories to you, I have, like my boss says, qualities few people have like honesty, integrity and bravery to speak out the truth in a hostile “organized fraudsters infested” Zisha Hu world. So here we go but be patient because the Hui Meng Chen story based on Ren Fu Collection’s archaeological materials and data of past excavations is long and tedious and we have to be rigorous with check and balances of the truth supporting the dynamics of our stories while traveling this historical road of discovery due to the great void or vacuum created by Hui Meng Chen who is  the greatest mystery and puzzle in the Zisha  Hu world. A great vacuum which is very hard to fill indeed that we hope after this world-first and once-in-a-lifetime effort to broadcast, inform and educate the whole wide world, erudite or not, honest scholars or historians would come forward to join in the discourse and help impart the truth about Hui Meng Chen-the greatest Potter of all times.   任富收藏馆藏有大量出土的清早期紫砂壶,有许多老名家和几位老陶艺大师……. 任富收藏有夏商周青铜器398件,出土茶壶(紫砂、汕头壶)3913件,有考古记载。 这398件夏商周青铜器是从上世纪70年代末开始收藏的,当时中国大陆出土的青铜器以每件100元人民币的价格非常便宜,直到2003年非典病毒爆发,出土的青铜器以每件5万元人民币的价格出售。尽管有投资,在这么多出土的夏商周青铜器中,肯定会有一些小的和大的发现。以任富收藏的两个西周(公元前1100-171)青铜器为例,共有64个铭文,描述了历史学家至今不知道的瑞国(见图中的两个西周簋和64个碑文)。中国大陆的一些大学如北京大学,已接近任富藏品借阅并记录了两个青铜簋和64个铭文的图片(另见附件:北京历史博物馆真品证书)。 在任富收藏的3913件出土紫砂壶中,有考古资料和记录(任富收藏出土的夏商周青铜器是买来的,没有考古记录),其中也有考古发现和许多小发现,一些重大发现和一些动土或开创性的故事。不言而喻,任富藏品中有许多普通的老紫砂壶,许多精美的老紫砂壶和一些非常罕见的老师傅的老紫砂壶。 就像大拖网渔船在海里的巨大渔网,捕捞各种海洋生物——大大小小、低档高档的鱼、蟹、龙虾或高价的蓝金枪鱼,任富收藏了大量出土的壶、茶具,有考古资料和记录,也有大大小小的壶,低品位和高品位,老名匠和无价之宝老名匠的壶。这些出土的陶罐属于曾经在“海上丝绸之路”上游历的中国移民和商人——他们中的一些人非常富有,他们可以拥有金钱在中国大陆可以买到的任何东西,包括老著名的陶艺家,甚至老陶艺大师的艺术作品(还有美术作品)。 这一令人难以置信的壮举,是任富收藏在抢救性挖掘了上世纪70年代至90年代南洋各国因商业、住宅和工业发展而被拆除的数千座坟墓,不仅挽救了老紫砂壶和汕头朱泥壶和其他功夫茶具的破坏,但释放了妖怪的考古发现,许多令人兴奋和有趣的,但一些非常深刻和令人振奋的重大发现,将震撼紫砂壶世界。就像大拖网渔船的巨大网一样,任富收藏也挖掘出了紫砂壶世界上最罕见、最大的名字。 是的,女士们,先生们,今天我们非常高兴和幸运地打破并分享了紫砂壶有史以来最大的故事:惠孟臣的发现和使他成为世界上最著名,最受欢迎的壶,最受崇拜的,也是唯一一位在乾隆八年和十三年被纪念的老陶艺大师。但在你兴奋和充满冒险精神之前,请提醒甚至警告你,因为除了维多利亚和阿尔伯特博物馆里唯一的明代天启七年惠孟臣的的紫砂壶外,伦敦对惠孟臣一无所知,而且大家都知道任富收藏有着最大的考古资料和数据宝库,尤其是那些与惠孟臣有关的,很多人说这是天赐的,不要忘了我们不是一个专业的学者,不擅长写故事,尤其是关于真相的苛求故事。非常抱歉地说,你们都对我感到厌烦,任汤尼,一个未经训练的,不专业的作家,但不要绝望,因为即使是强硬的我也可能不是向你们阐述惠孟臣故事的最好的人,正如我的老板所说,我有很少人有诚实的品质,正直勇敢地说出真相,在一个充满敌意的“有组织的骗子横行”紫砂壶世界。 因此,我们要耐心等待,因为基于任富收藏考古材料和过去发掘数据的惠孟臣故事是漫长而乏味的,我们在走这条历史发现之路时,由于巨大的虚无或虚有,我们必须对支持我们故事动态的真相进行严格的制衡惠孟臣创造的真空,是紫砂壶世界上最大的谜团。这是一个巨大的真空,很难填补,我们希望在这个世界上第一次,一年一次. 

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