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How to Spot a Fake Pot?

There are 5 parts to this story:

  • Foreword
  • How to Spot a Fake Pot?
  • Who is Huang Qian Liang and why we must have a Petition to Remove Huang Qian Liang from the Palace Museum of Taiwan?
  • Ren Fu Collection’s Black-List of Fake Purple-Sand clay teapots.
  • Ren Fu Collection’s Buy, Sell and Exchange Service.

Fraudsters or people selling Fake Pots often deceive and tell lies, it’s their second nature unlike Tony Ren who is from a different breed of humans who find it very easy to tell the truth but very hard to tell lies. Fake Pots are almost all shiny, in perfect condition unless buried or made to look genuine Old by faking old age like fake calcification, intentional little chip-offs on the edges and so on.These fraudsters or people who sell Fake Pots, always say, when asked why their Pots are shiny and in perfect condition, that their Pots are passed down from Late Ming or Early Qing even though Pre-Daoguang Pots especially Early Qing and Late Ming Pots are very worn out and deteriorated( eroded, corroded and chipped off). Do not believe the fraudsters because passed down Pots are very, very rare and the only Pots that survived are in the most secluded, protected of places like in state museums or Palace collection and even the Zisha teapot used by Emperor Qian Long is deteriorated, eroded and corroded and tiny chip offs on the edges and chop-mark).

In the book, written by Huang Qian Liang, Peng Qing Fu and Huang I Jia,  titled, “The Study of Yixing  Zhuni Teapots during the Ming and Qing Dynasties” one of the many, many “Conversion Books” in the market in which organized fraudsters mixed their Fake Pots with other people’s genuine Old Pots in order to transform their Fake Pots into “genuine Old Pots”. All these Conversion Books confused people or learners by telling them one minute that Old Pots are worn out, deteriorated, eroded, corroded Pots with chip offs and then contradict that by teaching people or learners Old Pots are shiny and in perfect condition with no signs of old age like wear and tear, deterioration, corrosion, erosion and chip offs. How can you teach people that black and white is the same or cat and dog is the same or night and day is the same or eroded, corroded, worn out chop-marks of genuine Old Pots are the same as new, fresh, perfect condition chop-marks of new Fake Pots are the same? Yes, you are right: they get confused! And do you know why the organized fraudsters want you to be confused? Yes, that’s the only way they can sell you the Fake Pots because if you are not confused like what Ren Fu Collection is going to teach you, the organized fraudsters’ big Rice Bowl is going to disappear and they, the big organized fraudsters and the small-time fraudsters, who together numbers in the thousands, are going to be very frightened.

What is more, how can anyone trust dishonest, corrupted and notorious organized fraudsters like Peng Qing Fu and Huang Qian Liang who sell Fake Pots to teach you how to see Old Pots and Fake Pots? It will be suicide! Yes, it would be like letting a pack of hyenas to look after and protect your flock of sheep.

There are many, many teachers who are fraudsters if you prefer to call them, in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore besides China and Taiwan and Hong Kong. My 3 years of fact-finding on-line and on-the-road, in the beginning shocked me when I found out to what extent Fake Pots, Fake facts, Fake stories and organized and small-time fraudsters have spread around the whole eco-system of Zisha Hu.

A lot of problems in Old Zisha Hu are caused by one irresponsible act on the part of Potters which is not to put their signature or name on the new Copy they made of unearthed Pots. So when the unsigned or unnamed Copy of an unearthed Pot fell into the hands of organized or small-time fraudsters, what is going to happen? Are they, the fraudsters, going to sell the new Copy for RMB 6,000 or sell the Pot as an Old Pot for RMB 60,000 or even more.(High grade Fake Copy of Old Famous or Old Master Potters can fetched high prices and sell for millions of Renminbis). And the blame is not only reserved for today’s irresponsible Potters but earlier in Mingguo period where irresponsible acts from even famous contemporary Potters like Gu Zing Zhou and others who made Copies of Old Master Potters’ Zisha Hus without putting their names on the Pots they made and causing a lot, a lot of problems today with unsubstantiated or unproven “Old Master Pots” appearing and causing confusion and conflict in the study and research of the Old Master’s Pots like Chen Ming Yuan to name one. To make matter worse, now we hear Fujian forgers can make almost perfect copy of unearthed Pots that will fool anyone anywhere!….and we heard the forgers are worried and follow our postings hoping to get more information on our method of spotting fake Pots.

Well, not perfect and not everyone the Fujian forgers can fooled!

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, all except Ren Fu Collection they, the Fujian fakers cannot fooled because we are experts in unearthed Pots and more than unearthed Pots because Ren Fu Collection has the exact date and  archaeological records of each of the thousands of its unearthed or excavated Pots. And we know for a fact and for a truth that nobody on this Earth can copy the natural deterioration of stones or clays. Only God or Heaven can do this but not Man.


According to Ciram Laboratory based in France, an art laboratory with extensive background in archaeomaterial physics and chemistry, whose work is focused on investigating and analyzing Works of Art and objects of significant cultural heritage each type of stone will have its own particular natural occurring phenomena of deterioration, even if preserve from bad weather. This occurs in relation to its exposure to moisture, heat and the development of vegetable and animal organisms. Various mineral phases are likely to be differently weathered, especially the most fragile phases, when they are subjected to more or less aggressive environment over a long period of time.

And according to Wikipedia on the Deterioration in stonewares.

It is in the nature of all the materials used for construction to eventually degrade and deteriorate. Degradation of an object occurs as a result of the interaction between the environment and the materials that form the object.

There are several ways in which stonewares break down physically and chemically.

PHYSICAL DEGRADATION can come from mishandling, packing, manufacturing defects, impact  and abrasions, frost, heat, mold growth, etc…

CHEMICAL DEGRADATION of objects occurs not in the physical structure of the object but rather in at the chemical or compound level. Compounds begin to breakdown into more simpler compounds and is often an undesired reaction. The degradation of the chemical component of an object will hinder or weaken the stability of the object when exposed to environmental factors such as water, air, sunlight, pollution, heat, humidity and the like.

We believe the above explanation might give you a headache and you prefer Tony Ren’s easy and light-hearted approach.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fujian forgers or any super-forgers anywhere cannot copy the natural signs of old age or antiquity found in the forms of a eroded, corroded, worn out, chip-off, deteriorated Old Pot.

Porcelain wares took a few artisans to complete the manufacture. Zisha Hu took just one artisan to complete the manufacture. As a result seal chops has been traditionally used to authenticate Zisha Teapots be it in the Late Ming, Early Qing, Republic or most recent period. Now we need advanced and universally tested methods to authenticate and date Pots because fakers can forge chop-marks, inscriptions and almost everything about the Old Pot with the help of the computer, internet, 3-D printing, AI and other sophisticated tools.

Most Pots are very easy to see if they are Old or Fake but some top grade Fakes or Pots seasoned to look shiny and dark or buried and/or immersed in urine to create calciferous growths to create a look of “unearthed” to fool you . A magnifier is a very powerful tool to spot a Fake Pot but situations sometimes do not allow you to use magnifier which are usually fraudsters’ trick to prevent you from using it. The safest way to learn to see Pots is to not depend on other people teaching you as most people who teach you how to see Pots are also selling Fake Pots. Our advice is to depend on yourself and study and examine the thousands of new and contemporary Pots up to Late Qing Guangxu in mainland China auctions in the last ten(10) years or more and compare to all the sea-salvaged, archaeologically excavated Pots in mainland China and especially a must Ren Fu Collection’s huge treasure trove of excavated and exact-dated Pots with archaeological materials and records.And just like Tony Ren who started off not knowing a lot about how to see Pots but now is an expert in Pre-Daoguang Zisha Hus and Santoh Zhuni Hus, you can be an expert too if you apply a bit of training or practice. Remember this saying of Ren Fu Collection, “ Do not listen and believe the words from the mouths of teachers but see and believe the truths found in graves because dead man tells no lies”.

The organized fraudsters and small-time fraudsters are watching us(we are told) and following this story of how to honestly and truthfully spot a Fake Pot because this story threatens their Rice Bowls. Fakers especially the Fujian forgers are watching and listening intently to our story to look for any clues or giveaway that will help them. According to the late legendary treasure hunter and marine archaeologist Sten Sjostrand , he said sometimes fraudsters selling Fake Pots will try to “pick your brain” meaning they will show you a Fake Pot and pretend to ask your opinion to see if the Fake Pot can pass or evade your expert’s eyes or if you like, to see if the Fake Pot can fool the expert’s eyes so that if it cannot they can go back and make improvement to the forgery. Do not answer or give these fraudsters your expert opinion. Finally the legendary Sten Sjostrand advise Ren Fu Collection to always keep 10% of what we know secret while teaching people how to see Pots and the 10% must be the weakest point of the forgers.

And please do not listen or learn from half-cooked or ignorant teachers even if they are honest, like they claimed to be Old Pots experts with some saying to see the clays, some saying to see the spout, the lid, the inside of Pot, the top and bottom of handle, some saying look at the chop-marks to see if it’s the same as the

Old chop-marks, some saying perfect and not perfect hole leading to the spout, spout should have beautiful curves, knob should be in harmony with the rest Pot and round shape Pots are found between 1730 and 1760, Pear-shaped Pots found between 1750 and 1755 or straight-sided Pots found between 1790 and 1800 which are nonsense and rubbish. Even if some are true, the modern day fakers especially the Fujian fakers are very advance so much so they can almost copy or forge everything about Old Pot. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, almost everything except only the erosion, corrosion, wear and tear, little chip offs, calciferous growths and so forth they cannot copy or forge.

The honest and truthful and foolproof way to see whether a Pot is new Fake or genuine Old, because Old Zisha Hu cannot be scientifically dated, is by using a two-steps method: the first step is to determine whether a Pot is Fake or genuine Old. And only after the Pot is determined Old can you use the second step which is to determine what Niande is the Old Pot. We called these two steps the Scientific-Eye method and the Artistic-Eye method.

The Scientific-Eye method is first used to confirm the Pot is Old.( If the Pot is Fake it is no point going to the second method of Artistic-Eye method). If the Pot is old, then apply the second method which is the Artistic-Eye method which looks at the various factors like size, shape, style and form to determine the Niande ( or period if you prefer to call it). For Scientific-Eye method examine the erosion, corrosion, wear and tear on the body like the tip of the spout, knob, lid, handle and especially the bottom of  Pot where you find the chop-marks and/or inscriptions( or on the body of the Pot). The erosion, corrosion, wear and tear, little cracks and chip offs are signs of aging on Pots we called deterioration in scientific terms and are proofs of antiquity. These are what the fakers cannot copy or forge and in fact it is universal not only in Old Zisha Hus but in other artefacts like Xia/Shang/Zhou Bronzes, Old ceramics/porcelains, old paintings, old furniture, etc… that deterioration in these Art forms cannot be duplicated or forged. The fraudsters can only use disguises or deception like immersed in acid, urine and burying the Pot to create erosion, corrosion, wear and tear  or create little chip offs or even seasoning the Fake Pot to make it look dark and shiny which hides the fresh or newness look of the Pot especially the chop-marks and/or inscriptions because seasoned Old Pots and seasoned new Fake Pots especially the high grade ones, to most people, look the same but they are actually not. With a bit of effort like using the magnifier, you can see the fake chop-marks and/or inscriptions are still new and fresh looking. However much they seasoned the Pot the erosion, corrosion and worn out features of the Pot will stand out like a sore thumb. Learn by training or practicing your eyes on the dark and light clays, seasoned and unseasoned clays because it does not matter whether you are White, Yellow, Brown or Black person the foolproof signs of age like wrinkles are the same and so are Old Zisha  Hus. This 200 to 300 years old signs of age cannot be forged or copied and it does not matter if the Zisha Hu is a Shi DaBin Pot or a Hui Meng Chen Pot or a Chen Ming Yuan Pot, the hundreds of years old deterioration in Pre-Daoguang Pots are the same. And now with Ren Fu Collection’s excavated exact-dated Pre-Daoguang Pots with archaeological records, you can become an expert in no time simply by examining and studying Ren Fu Collection’s Pots and comparing with the thousands of contemporary Pots(up until Late Qing Guangxu) …do not trust and do not learn from Pots in people’s hands but trust the Pots that came from the tombs and graves because they tell the truth just like Tony Ren did and if Tony Ren can be an expert, you can too!(sorry, but we have to keep 10% of the knowledge as a secret weapon to defeat the organized fraudsters and fakers).

Remember what we said: if you train your eyes and practice examining all the thousands of Post-Guangxu Zisha Hus( all the Pots made from now to 1875) in auctions in mainland China these past 15 years and compare to the sea-salvaged Zisha Hus, the 29 archaeologically excavated Zisha Hus in mainland China and the huge treasure trove of excavated Pre-Daoguang Zisha Hus with exact-dating(Niandes) and archaeological records, it will take a while, some a few months, some one or two years and some a bit longer to achieve the “breakthrough” skill to spot Fake Zisha Hus.








更重要的是,谁能相信像彭清福和黄健亮这样不诚实、腐败和 声名狼藉的有组织假紫砂壶骗子,他们卖假紫砂壶教你如何看旧紫砂壶和假紫砂壶?这将是自杀!是的,这就像让一群鬣(lie)狗来照顾和保护你的羊群。






是的,先生们,女士们,所有的福建假紫砂壶仿造者都无法愚弄任富收藏,因为我们是出土陶器的专家,而不仅是出土陶器,因为任富收藏有数千件出土或出土陶器的确切日期和考古记录。我们知道一个事实,那 是地球上没有人能复制石头或粘土的自然退化。只有上帝或天堂能做到这一点,而不是人类!


法国CIRAM实验室是一家艺术实验室拥有丰富的考古物理 和 化学背景, 其工作是调查和分析艺术作品的重要文化遗和对象。根据该实验室的说法每种类型的石头都会有其特有的自然退化现象,即使在恶劣的天气下保存中。



所有用于建筑的材料最终都会退化和变质,因为 环境和构成材料之间的相互作用。










我们的建议是依靠您自己,研究和检查过去十年(10)或更长时间内中国大陆拍卖的数千个新的和当代的陶器,并与所有海捞壶进行比较,中国大陆的考古发掘的陶器,尤其是任富收藏的一大宝藏,里面有考古材料和记录,出土的陶器和准确的年代。正如任汤尼一开始对如何看陶器不太了解,但现在是道光紫砂壶和汕头朱泥 壶之前的专家,如果你进行一些培训或实践,你也可以成为专家。



根据已故传奇寻宝者和海洋考古学家Sten Sjostrand的说法,他说,有时卖假壶的骗子会试图“挑出你的脑袋”,这意味着他们会给你看一个假壶,假装询问你的意见,看看假壶能否通过或避开专家的眼睛,或者你是否愿意,看看假壶是否能蒙蔽专家的眼睛,如果不能,他们可以回去改进仿造品。

不要回答或提供这些欺诈者你的专家意见。最后,传奇人物Sten Sjostrand建议任富收藏在教人们如何看壶的同时,要始终保守我们所知道的百分之十的秘密,而这百分之十肯定是仿造者最薄弱的环节。


因为不能科学地确定紫砂壶年代,所以判断一个壶是新的、假的还是真的、旧的,诚实、真实、万无一失的方法是采用两步法:第一步是确定一个壶是假的还是真的旧的。只有在确定壶是旧的之后,你才能使用第二步,即确定是什么年代旧壶。我们把这两个步骤称为科学鉴定方法和艺术鉴定方法 。







通过学习识别深色和浅色、 经过风干和未经风干的粘土上的训练,不管你是白人、黄色、棕色还是黑人,皱纹等简单的年龄标志都是一样的,紫砂壶也是一样的。





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