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There are 5 parts to this story:
  • Foreword
  • How to Spot a Fake Pot?
  • Who is Huang Qian Liang and why we must have a Petition to Remove Huang Qian Liang from the Palace Museum of Taiwan?
  • Ren Fu Collection’s Black-List of Fake Purple-Sand clay teapots.
  • Ren Fu Collection’s Buy, Sell and Exchange Service
WHO IS HUANG QIAN LIANG AND WHY WE MUST HAVE A PETITION TO REMOVE HUANG QIAN LIANG FROM THE PALACE MUSEUM OF TAIWAN?.……………………………………………… In 2011, after the success of Ren Fu Collection’s first exhibition in Equatorial Hotel, Melaka, Malaysia and many people began to know about Ren Fu Collection, Tony Ren paid a visit to Huang Qian Liang in Taipei, Taiwan because Tony Ren heard a lot  about Huang Qian Liang and later found out Huang Qian Liang and Peng Qing Fu were the biggest names in the  Zisha Hu world not only in Taiwan but in Nanyang countries like Singapore and Malaysia and they were becoming a rising stars in mainland China with the help of Liu Chuan Sin, the very notorious forger of Zhang Da Quan’s paintings who later joined them as the “Gang of 3 organized fraudsters”. What happened or rather what were said in the meeting between Huang Qian Liang and Tony Ren is going to shocked and amaze the Zisha Hu World. The meeting started with exchanging pleasantries and with Tony Ren even calling Huang Qian Liang “Teacher Huang” as a mark of respect( without knowing Huang Qian Liang is an organized fraudster). When the civil chat or small talk was over, we started to talk about Old Zisha Hus(that was Pre-Daoguang Zisha Hus) and Tony Ren took out 10 Pre-Daoguang Zisha Hus and showed them to Huang Qian Liang(which Huang Qian Liang at that moment did not know we have exact Niandes of the Pots). Huang Qian Liang asked if the Pots were for sale and Tony Ren said yes, but  before that asked  Huang Qian Liang or “Teacher Huang” for his opinions which Tony Ren thought Huang Qian Liang would know all the Niandes of the Pots because he wrote so many books about Old Zisha Hus? Tony Ren was surprised “Teacher Huang” only got 6 out of the 10 Pots’ Niandes right and the rest he got very wrong indicating he did not have a clue and was guessing and pretending to know like for example Ren Fu Collection’s Pot No:75 which is Middle Qian Long, Huang Qian Liang did not have a clue and guess that the Pot No:75 is Late Qing Guangxu. And the 6 Pots he got correct he can only guess they are Early Qing. What’s more surprising and ridiculous, Huang Qian Liang said he could issue a Certificate of Authenticity for a fee of RMB2,000 per Pot if Tony Ren needed them. Tony Ren eventually told Huang Qian Liang or “Fake Teacher Huang” that we do not need a Certificate of Authenticity because Ren Fu Collection has exact dating or exact Niandes and archaeological records for all our Pots and asked Huang Qian Liang if he was interested in our archaeological materials, pictures and data and discoveries for his work?( Now please listen very carefully to what this “Fake Teacher Huang” is going to say?) “I AM NOT INTERESTED IN THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL MATERIALS, PICTURES, RECORDS OR DISCOVERIES YOU HAVE…I AM ONLY INTERESTED IN THE POTS YOU WANT TO SELL ME” replied Huang Qian Liang. An aside: Ladies and Gentlemen, are you not shocked? Well, we are or rather we were because a famous Zisha Hu scholar should be interested in archaeological materials, pictures, data and especially discoveries for his study and research which should be his utmost responsibility.( Tony Ren was puzzled because he did not know Huang Qian Liang was an organized fraudster with Peng Qing Fu then and it was later on he found out the truth).Tony Ren, out of courtesy, did sell three Pots to Huang Qian Liang and returned to his hotel still shocked about what he heard. That night Tony Ren phoned the boss of Ren Fu Collection in London and told him the shocking story. The boss being a worldly wise and experience person quickly came to a conclusion that Old Zisha Hu is in big, big trouble if it’s top scholar is so dishonest, irresponsible and corrupted and it could not go on like that so he asked Tony Ren to do some fact-finding in Taiwan and elsewhere to see what is actually going on in the real Zisha Hu world and if there is a problem to see if we can help. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, after three years of fact-finding in Taiwan and elsewhere we realized we have stumbled on a frightening situation of powerful and influential Taiwanese organized fraudsters creating chaos in Old Zisha Hus by producing many, many Fake Pots, many, many Fake facts and Fake stories and worst of all by producing more and more copycat organized fraudsters and small-time fraudsters and controlling the Zisha Hu eco-system where honest, truthful voices are threatened, bullied and subdued….it’s a very frightening scene! Tony Ren asked the boss of Ren Fu Collection for permission to draw up a plan to save Old Zisha Hu and to begin the attack with a strategy (see chart of Strategy to Save Old Zisha Hus). The strategy are: 1)   To produce books and e-Books to expose Fake Pots 2)   To set up a website to fight Fake Pots 3)   Do postings exposing Fake Pots and organized frauds 4)   Do live exhibitions to show real Pre-Daoguang teapots and tea wares 5)   Teach people honestly and truthfully how to see a Fake Pot? 6)   Create a huge Black-List of Fake Zisha Hus 7)   Create an alternative market place for 100% genuine Old Zisha Hus. 8)   Petition to Remove Huang Qian Liang from the Palace Museum of Taiwan.   Ren Fu Collection started to attacked the Fake Pots in the Taiwan Blog Ju Shui Tang controlled by the so-called Gang of 3 organized fraudsters comprising Huang Qian Liang, Peng Qing Fu and Liu Chuan Sin. Next was the JSL Zisha Hus auctions which are controlled by Huang Qian Liang and Peng Qing Fu and which a lot, a lot of their Fake Pots were mixed with other people’s genuine Old Pots and sold in the auctions. The Taiwan Blog Ju Shu Tang closed down because of the exposure of their Fake Pots and JSL auction stopped doing Old Zisha Hus auction because of the  exposure of their Fake Pots mixed with other people’s genuine Old Pots. Huang Qian Liang messaged Ren Fu Collection in FaceBook to ask for a truce and pleaded with Tony Ren to stop attacking him and he praised our new book.  Ren Fu Collection refused and continue attacking, so Huang Qian Liang and Peng Qing Fu(and even the notorious forger of Zhang DaQian’s paintings, Liu Chuan Sin came to support them) called upon their huge army of followers and fellow fraudsters everywhere in Taiwan, in Malaysia, in Singapore, in Vietnam, in mainland China to attack Ren Fu Collection with the mantra, “ Do anything bad, say anything bad and spread lots and lots of lies about Ren Fu Collection and do anything to prevent good, honest people from knowing about Ren Fu Collection”…..The Battle of Red Cliffs has begun between the powerful and influential Gang of 3 Organized Fraudsters and their huge army of small-time fraudsters around the world and Ren Fu Collection. So not just in Taiwan and mainland China, fraudsters selling Fake Pots  from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, you name it , attacked Ren Fu Collection by spreading lies, lies and threats of physical violence and harassments of all kinds like: 1)   Ren Fu Collection’s Pots are buried and Fake Pots 2)  But when we provided archaeological proofs that our Pots are genuine Old, they said Ren Fu Collection’s Pots are dirty, haunted and cannot be used for making tea. 3)  Liu Chuan Sin, the notorious forger of Zhang Da Quan’s paintings, attacked Ren Fu Collection’s Pots as cheap, worthless export wares not fit for study and research.(even though he bought a few of Ren Fu Collection’s Pots at JSL auction in October 2012.) 4)  Chen Tian Long, a notorious Taiwanese fraudster, lied that Ren Fu Collection’s Pots’ Niandes are Fake. 5)  The organized fraudsters and their dogs got experts to hack into Ren Fu Collection’s website. 6)  They vandalized Ren Fu Collection’s name by posting Ren Fu Collection’s company records on Google and other on-line platforms. 7)  They accused Ren Fu Collection as tomb raiders . 8)  They removed Ren Fu Collection’s comments anywhere in on-line Blogs where they have influence 9)  The mainland China fraudsters threatened Ren Fu Collection with violence if we set foot in China. 10)  They, through their Malaysian fraudsters dogs damaged Ren Fu Collection’s big S350 Mercedes Benz car. 11)  They, through their Malaysian connections, tried to get people to attempt to burgle Ren Fu Collection’s Gallery in Melaka, Malaysia. 12)  Huang Qian Liang, Peng Qing Fu and Liu Chuan Sin, the powerful Gang of 3 will punish anyone caught being friendly or even talking to Ren Fu Collection. 13)  Lian Quan, their mainland China fraudster, lied that Ren Fu Collection tried to enticed him to do Fake Pots 14)  Tsai Ker Sin, a Taiwanese fraudster with Hu Wang Ru, fooled Ren Fu Collection into letting him write a toxic book containing lies, deceits and Fake facts. 15)  Peng Wing Fu accused Ren Fu Collection of being a Fake Hero who just wanted to sell Pots. 16)  Huang Qian Liang finally stepped in to accuse Ren Fu Collection of using human bones to do business 17)  Huang Qian Liang said Ren Fu Collection’s archaeological materials, data, discoveries cannot be used for study and research because it’s illegal and immoral. And many, many other abuses and harassments Ren Fu Collection suffered but do not give up fighting the organized fraudsters and their thousands of small-time fraudsters everywhere ….until they ran out of ammunition’s or bullets to attack Ren Fu Collection. Ladies and Gentlemen, the powerful and influential organized fraudsters and their thousands of small-time fraudsters everywhere have run out of lies, deceits and  other dishonest accusations! Ren Fu Collection’s sufferings and forbearance can be summed up in these words of a good, honest Taiwanese Old-Hand, “ Ren Fu Collection is a Hero and Savior of Old Zisha Hus because Ren Fu Collection has taken verbal beatings, attacks, threats, lies all these 11 years and survived  to keep on fighting the huge army of organized fraudsters and their dogs which anybody in the past who opened their mouth to say the truth will be destroyed especially by the most powerful Gang of 3 and not to mention you bravely excavated and kept archaeological records of thousands of Pots…I really salute you!” What’s more something you people do not know, many years ago Huang Qian Liang and Peng Qing Fu through their proxy fraudster named Seow, a Chao Zhou Shanghai dealer who sells Fake Pots, wanted to corrupt Ren Fu Collection by asking Tony Ren to join forces with them and form an organized frauds group with six shops selling Fake Pots in Shanghai. Tony Ren told him to go to Hell! Huang Qian Liang lied when he accused Ren Fu Collection of using human bones to do business because if Ren Fu Collection wants to do business and make a lot of money, we can just sell our Pots and joined forces with the organized fraudsters like Huang Qian Liang and Peng Qing Fu to cheat, deceive and defraud a lot, a lot of people without having to use human bones. We used human bones to expose the Fake Pots of the organized fraudsters. A wise Taiwanese Old-hand said, “ The human bones is a powerful weapon and powerful archaeological proof that Ren Fu Collection uses. It is as if Ren Fu Collection is calling upon the spirits of the dead Old Famous Potters and dead Old Master Potters to avenge the sacrileges committed by the organized fraudsters and to save Old Zisha Hu”. Huang Qian Liang knew that Ren Fu Collection’s thousands of excavated teapots with archaeological records can be a great threat to his Big Rice Bowl and therefore he instinctively and attentively focus on and attacked viciously Ren Fu Collection’s excavated Pots with archaeological records which threatens his Fake Pots and his Fake stories. It is the most powerful weapon of Ren Fu Collection and everybody knows that by now. And our most powerful and strongest point is the excavated human bones which defeat any lies spread by organized fraudsters and their thousands of small-time fraudsters. The human bones prove beyond any doubt what Ren Fu Collection is saying is honest and truthful. It not only show why people trust Ren Fu Collection, it also show how brave and ingenious Ren Fu Collection is to keep all these archaeological proofs and use them to fight the powerful and influential organized fraudsters and their thousands of small-time fraudsters in order to save Old Zisha Hus and not to use them to do business as Huang Qian Liang accused Ren Fu Collection of.(Ren Fu Collection does not need human bones to sell its Pots because everyone knows our Pots are genuine Old)… you can see Huang Qian Liang is a first-class liar who twisted fact or truth into lies because he and Peng QingFu and the rest of the organized fraudsters are worried and fear more people will believe Ren Fu Collection. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, a lot, a lot of people do not know how to see Pots or rather how to spot a Fake Pot and organized fraudsters are telling lies that our Pots are buried and Fake Pots, so Ren Fu Collection uses human bones to dispel their lies: it’s a very intelligent and brave move! Some people say Huang Qian Liang and Peng Qing Fu should be called “The Fathers of Zisha Hu Organized Frauds”. Before Ren Fu Collection appeared on the scene, they are the most successful organized fraud group so much so everyone wanted to copy and be like them because they are like movie stars on Zisha Hu chat-space that even the notorious forger of Zhang DaQian’s paintings Liu Chuan Sin crossed over from his painting forgery fraud business to join the Zisha Hu organized fraud business to form the Gang of 3 with Huang Qian Liang and Peng Qing Fu.(unfortunately Liu Chuan Sin was a bit late because Ren Fu Collection appeared soon after). Just look at the mainland China auctions which everyday have Fake Pots not to mention on the streets, shops, on-line blogs selling Fake Pots and Peng Qing Fu, Huang Qian Liang and Liu Chuan Sin are still selling their Fake Pots as we speak through their agents in the auction companies in mainland China.(some people told us the some of the Fake Pots recently sold in auctions in mainland China were from Peng Qing Fu and Liu Chuan Sin). And even though we are fighting the Fake Pots more and more are coming out which means we have to hit harder at organized frauds.   黄健亮是谁?为什么我们必须要请愿书将黄健亮从台湾故宫博物院里除名?。……………………………………………… 2011年,任富收藏首次在马来西亚马六甲贵都大酒店成功展出后,许多人开始了解任富收藏.  任汤尼到台北拜访了黄健亮,也听了很多有关于黄健亮,后来发现黄健亮和彭清福不仅在台湾,而且在新加坡、马来西亚等南洋国家内他们都是紫砂壶世界里最有名的人物,在刘创新的帮助下,他们正在中国大陆成为冉冉升起的明星,后来这位臭名昭著的张大千画作仿造者也加入他们,成为“三人帮有组织的骗子”。任汤尼和黄健亮会面时所说的话,将震惊紫砂壶的世界。 见面时任汤尼尊敬称黄健亮为“黄老师”(不知道黄健亮是个有组织的骗子)。当闲聊结束后,我们开始谈论旧紫砂壶(道光紫砂壶之前),任汤尼拿出10个道光之前的紫砂壶,并将其展示给黄健亮(黄健亮时不知道我们有确切的陶器年代)。黄健亮问这些紫砂壶是否可以出售,任汤尼说可以,但任汤尼问黄健亮或“黄老师”有关紫砂壶年代的意见,任汤尼认为黄健亮应该会知道所有紫砂壶年代,因为他写了那么多关于紫砂壶的书? 任汤尼很惊讶“黄老师”在10个壶的年代中只有6个是对的,其余的他都错了,表示他没有线索,只是猜测和假装知道,比如说任富收藏的壶号:75,是乾隆 中期,黄健亮毫无头绪,猜测第75号壶是清末光绪。他猜测对了的6个壶是清初的。更令人惊讶和荒谬的是,黄健亮说如果任汤尼需要,他会以每个壶2000元的费用颁发真品证书。 任汤尼最终告诉黄健亮或“假壶黄老师”,我们不需要真品证书,因为任富收藏所有陶器的确切年代或确切年号以及考古记录,并询问黄健亮是否对我们的考古材料、图片、数据或发现兴感趣?(现在请仔细听这位“假壶黄老师”将要说什么?) “我对你们拥有的考古材料、图片、记录或发现不感兴趣……我只对你们想卖给我的陶器感兴趣。”黄健亮回答说。 旁白:先生们女士们,你们不感到震惊吗?嗯,我们是,或者更确切地说,我们是一位著名的紫砂壶学者应该对考古材料、图片、数据感兴趣,尤其是对老紫砂壶的研究和发现感兴趣,这应该是他最大的责任。(任汤尼不解,因为他当时不知道黄健亮和彭清福是有组织的诈骗犯,后来才知道真相)。·任汤尼出于礼貌,确实把三个紫砂壶卖给了黄健亮,然后回到酒店,仍然对听到的消息感到震惊。当晚,任汤尼打电话给伦敦任富收藏的老板,告诉了他这个令人震惊的故事。这位经验丰富的老板很快得出结论:如果紫砂壶的顶尖学者如此不诚实的话,老紫砂壶就麻烦大了,不负责任和腐败,不能再这样下去,所以他要求任汤尼在台湾和其他地方做一些事实调查,看看真实的老紫砂壶世界到底发生了什么,如果有问题,看看我们是否能帮上忙。 是的,先生们,女士们,在台湾和其他地方我们进行了三年的事实调查之后,我们无意中发现了一个可怕的局面:有权势的台湾有组织的骗子制造了许许多多的假壶、虚假的事实和故事,最糟糕的是,通过制造越来越多的模仿有组织的欺诈者和小欺诈者,并控制紫砂壶生态系统,诚实、真实的声音受到威胁、恐吓和压制……这是一个非常可怕的场景! 任汤尼请求任富收藏的老板允许他制定一个拯救老紫砂壶的计划,并以一个战略开始进攻(见拯救老紫砂壶战略图)。该战略是: 1) 出版书籍和电子书以揭露假老紫砂壶。 2) 建立一个网站来打击假老紫砂壶。 3) 发布揭露假老紫砂壶和有组织欺诈的帖子 4) 举办现场展览展示道光之前的真正茶壶和茶具。 5) 老老实实地教人们如何看假老紫砂壶? 6) 创建一个巨大的假老紫砂壶黑名单。 7) 为真正旧老紫砂壶创造一个百分百的市场。 8) 将黄健亮从台湾故宫博物院除名的请愿书。 任富收藏开始攻击台湾博客“聚水堂”中的假紫砂壶,该博客由黄健亮、彭清福和刘创新组成的所谓“三人帮”控制。接下来是JSL  景薰楼国际艺术紫砂壶拍卖会,也是由黄健亮和彭清福控制,他们有很多假老紫砂壶都与其他人的真旧壶混合在一起,在拍卖会上出售。台湾博客聚水堂因为他们的假紫砂壶被曝光而关闭,而JSL景薰楼国际艺术拍卖公司因为他们的假紫砂壶与其他人的真旧壶混合被曝光而停止了旧老紫砂壶拍卖。黄健亮在FaceBook脸书上给任富收藏发了一条短信,要求休战,并恳求任汤尼停止攻击他,他还称赞了我们的新书。任富收藏拒绝并继续攻击,因此黄健亮和彭清福(甚至是臭名昭著的张大千画作伪造者 – 刘创新也来支持他们)号召台湾、马来西亚、新加坡和越南各地的大批追随者和欺诈同伙,在中国大陆, “做任何坏事,说任何坏话,散布很多关于任富收藏的谎言,做任何事情阻止善良诚实的人来了解任富收藏” ……赤壁之战已经在强大而有影响力的三大有组织欺诈团和他们遍布世界各地的庞大的欺诈团中与任富收藏之间展开。 因此,不仅在台湾和中国大陆,来自泰国、越南、马来西亚、新加坡等地的欺诈者都通过散布谎言、身体暴力威胁和各种骚扰来攻击任富收藏,如: 1) 任富收藏的陶瓷都是埋在地下和仿造的。 2) 但当我们提供考古证据证明我们的壶是真正的旧老紫砂壶时,他们说任富收藏的壶很脏很古老,不能用来泡茶。 3) 张大千画作的臭名昭著的伪造者刘创新抨击任富收藏的陶器是廉价、毫无价值的出口商品,不适合学习和研究。(尽管他在2012年10月的JSL拍卖会上购买了任富收藏的一些陶器。) 4) 陈天龙,一个臭名昭著的台湾骗子,谎称任富收藏的壶年代是假的。 5) 这些有组织的欺诈者和他们的专家们侵入了任富收藏的网站。 6) 他们在谷歌和其他在线平台上发布任富收藏的公司记录,破坏了任富收藏的名称。 7) 他们指责任富收藏是盗墓者。 8) 他们删除了网上有影响力的任富收藏博客里的评论 9) 中国大陆的欺诈者威胁说,如果我们踏上中国大陆,他们将以暴力手段收付任富收藏。 10) 他们通过他们的马来西亚欺诈者损坏了任富收藏的大型S350梅赛德斯-奔驰汽车。 11) 他们通过他们在马来西亚的联系,试图让人们盗取马来西亚马六甲的任富收藏艺术馆。 12) 强大的“三人帮”黄健亮、彭清福和刘创新将惩罚任何与任富收藏友好甚至交谈的人。 13) 他们在中国大陆的欺诈者梁权谎称,任富收藏公司试图诱使他做假紫砂壶。 14) 蔡格森,一个与胡万如作对的台湾骗子,欺骗了任富收藏,让他写了一本包含谎言、欺骗和虚假事实的有毒书籍。 15) 彭清福指责任富收藏是一个假英雄,只想卖壶。 16) 黄健亮终于介入,指控任福收藏利用人骨头做生意。 17) 黄健亮说,任富收藏的考古材料、数据和发现是不能用于学习和研究,因为这是非法和不道德的. 还有许许多多其他滥用和骚扰任富收藏的人,但任富收藏并没有放弃与有组织的欺诈者以及各地数以千计的小欺诈者的斗争……直到他们耗尽了攻击任富收藏的弹药或子弹。 先生们,女士们,有权势和有影响力的有组织欺诈者和他们成千上万的小欺诈者已经不能再说谎,欺骗和其他不诚实的指控!任富收藏的苦难与忍耐,可以用一位善良诚实的台湾老手的话来概括,“任富收藏是紫砂壶的英雄和救世主,因任富收藏在这11年中一直遭受着口头攻击、威胁和谎言,并幸存下来,继续与庞大的有组织欺诈者和他们战斗,而过去任何人只要开口说实话,都会被摧毁,尤其是被最强大的“三人帮”摧毁。更不用说你们勇敢地挖掘和保存了数千个陶器的考古记录……我真的向你们致敬!” 更何况大家都不知道,很多年前,黄健亮和彭清福通过他们的代理人,诈骗者谢某, 一位潮州上海的卖假壶商人,想通过要求任汤尼与他们联手,与上海六家卖假壶的商店组成一个有组织的欺诈者集团,来腐败任富收藏。任汤尼叫他见鬼去吧! 黄健亮在指控任富收藏利用人骨头做生意时撒了谎,因为如果任富收藏想做生意,赚大钱,我们可以卖掉我们的紫砂壶,并与黄健亮、彭清福等有组织的欺诈者联手进行欺诈和诈骗。我们用很多人不用人的骨头揭露了有组织欺诈者的假紫砂壶。一位聪明的台湾老手说:“人的骨头是任富收藏使用的有力武器和有力的考古证据,似乎任富收藏正在召唤死去的老名匠和老陶艺大师的灵魂,为有组织的欺诈者犯下的行为报仇,拯救老紫砂壶”。 黄健亮知道,任富收藏的数千只出土茶壶中有考古记录,这对他的大饭碗来说是一个巨大的威胁,因此他本能地、专注地并恶意攻击任富收藏的出土茶壶中有考古记录的茶壶,这对他的假老壶和假故事构成了威胁。这是任富收藏中最强大的武器,现在大家都知道了。而我们最强大的一点是挖掘出的人类骨骼,它击败了有组织的欺诈者及其数千小欺诈者散布的任何谎言。人类的骨头毫无疑问地证明了任富收藏所说的是诚实和真实的。这不仅说明了人们为什么信任富收藏,这也表明了任富收藏是多么勇敢和巧妙地保存了所有这些考古证据,并用它们来打击有权势的有组织欺诈者和成千上万的小欺诈者,以拯救旧紫砂壶,而不是像黄健亮指责任富收藏那样利用它们做生意。(任富收藏不需要人骨头来卖它的紫砂壶,因为大家都知道我们的老壶是真的旧的)……所以你可以看到,黄健亮是一流的大骗子,他把事实或真相歪曲成谎言,因为他和彭清福以及其他有组织的欺诈者都担心更多的人会相信任富收藏。 是的,先生们,女士们,很多人不知道如何看壶,或者更确切地说,如何识别老紫砂壶,有组织的欺诈者在撒谎,说我们的老壶被埋了和假壶,所以任富收藏用人类的骨头来消除他们的谎言:这是一个非常聪明和勇敢的举动! 有人说黄健亮和彭清福应该被称为“紫砂壶组织欺诈案之父”。在任富收藏出现之前,他们是最成功的有组织欺诈集团,所以每个人都想模仿他们,因为他们就像紫砂壶聊天空间上的电影明星,就连臭名昭著的张大千画作伪造者刘创新也从他的画作伪造诈骗业务中走出来,加入紫砂壶有组织诈骗业务,形成了这一集团“三人帮”和黄健亮、彭清福(不幸的是,刘创新晚了一点,因为不久之后就出现了任富收藏)。只要看看中国大陆的拍卖会,那里每天都有假紫砂壶,更不用说在街上,商店,网上卖假壶的博客,黄健亮、彭清福和刘创新仍然在卖他们的假壶,正如我们通过他们在中国大陆拍卖公司的代理人所说的那样。(有人告诉我们,最近在中国大陆拍卖的一些假壶来自彭清福和刘创新)。尽管我们正在打击假老紫砂壶,但假壶越来越多,这意味着我们必须加大打击有组织欺诈集团

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